Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Frosty Almond Butter PUPsicles

When it's hot, I love a good smoothie, don't you? During one of our summer heat waves, I decided to help our pretty girl cool off with some homemade pupsicles. She already loves ice cookies and she deserves a cool treat, too!

I made this recipe with and without some of the locally grown blueberries we picked ourselves at a neighbor's invitation.


4oz almond butter

3oz water

2oz yogurt

Blend ingredients together - I use our Ninja single serving cup.

Pour into your baking mold - be sure to make room in your freezer ahead of time and put your mold on a cookie sheet so you can move it without spilling (learn from my failure).

Leave in the freezer until frozen and then store. Beware! Every time you open the freezer, your pup is going to want a pupsicle!

Let me know if you make these for your furry friend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Pineapple Green Protein Shake

It's Tasty Tuesday! 🍍🍍

This one reminds me of living in Hawaii 🤙 but it’s perfect anywhere on a hot day! Which is what we are having today in Kittery!

Grab these ingredients for a nutrient packed shake that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling good knowing it’s packed with healthy fruits, veggies and protein.

Don’t forget to save this post for later!

Pineapple Green Protein Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup spinach
1 serving protein powder (I used FASTer Way vanilla)
1 cup pineapple (chunks)
1/2 banana (frozen)
4 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to blender. Blend until smooth.

Serving size: 1
Macros: 38g Carbs, 23g Protein, 4g Fat, 5g Fiber

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The time we went looking for spinner dolphins at Electric Beach

We were pretty spoiled by getting to live in Hawaii for over two years. It was another place that we knew would be temporary, so we tried to soak up as much as we could around mrC's work schedule.

One of my favorite adventures was when we went to Electric Beach to snorkel and try to spot some of the famous spinner dolphins that like to hang out there.

Kahe Point aka “Electric Beach” is called that because it is located in front of a power plant. 

Getting there was super easy on a week day and we timed our arrival perfectly to get a parking spot. Although it is a public beach, it is small and so is the parking lot. I'd say there are maybe 25 spots available.

The first thing we did was check out the water. It looked amazing and not too deep for me - deep water really weirds me out!

We grabbed our gear and made our way over to the small beach and entrance to the water. We saw lots of scuba diver classes preparing to go in the water and spotted the showers & restrooms which was super nice.

Admittedly, I wasn't as graceful as mrC getting in the water with swim fins on, a rocky bottom and waves breaking. Not to mention that some chick thought it would be smart to just stand there, blocking the most obvious path as if she were in Waikiki. 

Anyway, once we were in, I was ready to move. It didn't take us long to swim out and start seeing fish playing in the coral. 

We made our way toward the exit pipe from the power plant. The water pushed out is very warm, which is what attracts the sea life.

As promised, we saw tons of fish and a green sea turtle up close. In case you didn't know, sea turtles are protected by law and it is illegal to touch them in Hawaii. You should always give them room to do their thing and stay at least 50 feet away.

It was such an awesome day!

Do you like to snorkel? Where is the best place you've been?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Long Weekend in Pensacola

We spent a long weekend in Pensacola visiting my stepson who is just starting flight school. We left Quincy with a dog sitter and flew down on Thursday morning. We met up with the girls and SIL Sean (who drove down with the dog) at Grant's house. After meeting some of his roommates, we checked into our condo on Pensacola Beach and then went out for a family dinner to one of Grant's favorite places, The Fish House. I had the grilled shrimp and it was sooo good!

The next day, mrC and I were up early thanks to the one hour time difference, so we went for a morning walk on the beach. He and I have a thing for sunrises!

Then we headed to his old training base, which is Grant's new training base for a little walk down memory lane. It's fun to see and hear about the places where his flying career started.  Two F35s were visiting and we got to see them up close. The pilots gave a walk-around presentation of the planes and answered questions. It was mrC's lucky day!!

Before meeting back up with the group, we stopped to grab something to eat. I picked up a watermelon cup from the grocery and a cup of tuna from Subway. 

We met up with the rest of the gang at the Naval Aviation Museum. Grant and one his roommates gave us an awesome guided tour. It was by far the best experience I've ever had visiting a museum!

Another group dinner, this time to The Oar House. I ordered grilled shrimp again. So good!

After dinner, the kids went to Grant's to visit the dog (he and his roommates were keeping him there because our condo didn't allow pets). mrC and I caught the sunset on the bay behind our condo. Ok, maybe we have a thing for sunsets, too.

My super smart husband planned the trip so that we would be there for Blue Angels weekend. The kids set up some canopies on the beach early Saturday morning and we walked about a mile to join them after breakfast. Since our condo had a fully stocked kitchen, we had grabbed a few staple items at the grocery the day before: eggs, strawberries and gluten-free toast.

It was perfect weather to hang out on the beach for the air show. Blue skies, sunshine and hot temps! 

We stayed in the water until they kicked us out when the Blue Angels were starting. This was my first time seeing the Blue Angels anywhere and it was incredible. I think the location was just the cherry on top.

After a day at the beach in the hot sun, we kept it simple and walked to Peg Leg Pete's for dinner. There was a bit of a wait, but they have a fun bar downstairs with license plates from all over the US lining the walls. For dinner I ordered the yummy Grilled Flounder sandwich!

After dinner, we took in another sunset...this time with the kids.

Sunday morning, we all met up for breakfast in downtown Pensacola. Our first choice was the Ruby Slipper, but there was a 90 minute wait. So we walked to The Garden to Pearl & Horn. The menu was small, but packed with a variety of yummy choices. I went for the Smash Burger and sweet potato waffle fries!

We split up so the kids could go take Ralph for a walk and we headed to Pensacola's first lighthouse. The plan was to walk up the 177 steps to the top to see the beautiful Gulf Coast from above. The spiral steps without a handrail on the inside was too much for me though! So we enjoyed the view from below and walked through the museum. 

On our way back to the condo, we stopped at Single Fin Cafe to share an acai bowl. The cafe was located inside Waterboyz, a surf and skateboard shop. It wasn't the best bowl we've ever had, but I loved the decor of the shop.

We had plans to do a sunset sail with mrC's friend, Dr. Bri. He used to take us sailing when we lived on Oahu, but like us he has also relocated back to the mainland...in Pensacola! Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, so we stayed docked in the marina. We still had a great time hanging out down below until the storms blew over and having the Tip Top crew back together again. 


Our departing flight wasn't until afternoon, which gave us time to enjoy a final morning on Pensacola Beach. It was so nice to be able to walk right across the street and see the beautiful white sand and blue water. To top it off, we saw a bunch of dolphins swimming right off shore! 

Our long weekend in Pensacola visiting Grant was the best!

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

3 Ways to Track Progress (without the scale)

The number one reason people come to me to learn the FASTer Way strategies is to lose weight.

The thing is...FASTer Way is a FAT loss program, not a weight loss program.

Ultimately, I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about Progress and what it really looks like. Today I thought I'd share three ways I encourage them to track progress that does not include using a scale.

1. Strength - being able to lift heavier and complete more reps is a sign of gains in strength. 

2. Endurance - being able to climb the stairs easier/quicker or keeping up with the kids/grands for longer periods of time is a sign of improvement.

3. How you feel - sleeping better and for longer, having more energy throughout the day, and clothes fitting better are signs of a healthier body.

If you are not seeing progress, do a habit check:

Is your nutrition on point? Plan your meals so that it is.
Are you getting 3-5 workouts per week? Prioritize sleep so you have energy and motivation.
Feeling unmotivated? Get an accountability partner or coach to check-in with and encourage you.

Want to work with me? Check out my 6 week client experience here!