Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chilly Challenge 2013

Are you already struggling to keep up with your exercise routine due to the cold weather? Would you like a fun way to stay motivated through the cold month of January? Whether you run, walk, or elliptical, Janine at The Purple Giraffe and I have the answer to keep you moving through your winter blues.

What is it? The Chilly Challenge is a friendly team competition to see how many miles you can log in a month. The team that completes the most miles during the month of January wins the competition. All members of the winning team will be automatically entered to win prizes from some of our favorite companies!

So, what do you do?
  1. Pick a Team: It’s a competition. Are you Team Running Escapades or Team Purple Giraffe? (You can read our bios at the end of this post) To pick your team, visit the Chilly Challenge spreadsheet and sign up. Then get ready to log as many miles as you can! 
  2. Run: On January 1, start logging those miles: run, walk, or elliptical. 
  3. Report: After you get nice and sweaty, log your miles on the Chilly Challenge spreadsheet. If you are on Facebook, join the Chilly Challenge 2013 group to find motivation. If you use Twitter, encourage your teammates by using hashtag #ChillyChallenge #TeamEscapades or #TeamGiraffe 
  4. Tell Your Friends: The more peeps you get to join your team, the better chance you have of winning! Recruit, recruit, recruit! Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, stand on the corner holding a sign! Be sure to tell your friends which team to join, ehem ;)
What do you get for all this hard work?
  1. Moving: What can be better than that? Oh, maybe the waves of happy endorphins cruising through your body.
  2. Motivation: When it's cold and dark, it's hard to stay on track. That's where we come in. Your team will help keep you going because they really, really want to win!
  3. Your Best Happy Self: At then end of the competition, you will be fitter, stronger, and healthier. How can that not make you happy? And you might score a shiny new PR too!
  4. SWAG: Everyone loves prizes and the team with the most miles is eligible to win. We are lucky enough to be sponsored by some of our favorite companies, which means you have the chance to win some great gear just for doing what you always do! Winners will be chosen randomly from the winning team.
Prizes: Here is a list of what our fabulous sponsors have donated to help motivate you through the month of January. BIG thank yous to our awesome sponsors:

(3) Pairs of ProCompression Socks
(5) BIC Bands of varying colors/styles
(3) BIA Technical Shirts
(2) Custom MyRaceRagz Technical Shirts
(1) Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
(4) packs of (2) Sweaty Bands
(1) Whole Foods $25 gift card
(1) Simple Hydration Water Bottle
(1) RockMyRun Three month gold subscription
(3) Sprigs assorted prize packs
(3) hats from Sauce Headwear

So, are you wondering which team you should join?

Meet the Captains:

Team Running Escapades - (aka Amy)
Favorite distance: half marathon
Favorite pre-race meal: pepperoni calzone
Favorite running shoe: Mizunos
Mantra: Keep running! 
What I do when I'm not running: High school teacher
Why you should be on my team: I might not be the fastest or the youngest captain ;) but I have lots of enthusiasm and passion. I promise to keep you motivated and entertained!

Team Purple Giraffe - (aka Janine)
Favorite distance: 5 miler at the moment - training for my first half marathon!
Favorite pre-race meal: bacon pizza
Favorite running shoe: Saucony for the win!
Mantra: Workin' off my ass & toppin' off my glass - everything in moderation...including moderation! 
What I do when I'm not running: For my day job, I'm a Process Expert at a health care company...and I blog at TPG, of course!
Why you should be on my team: I may never win any land speed records while running, but I sure do have fun - running in costumes, running for beer, being a complete goofball- why WOULDN'T you want to be on my team?!

Will you be joining us for #ChillyChallenge 2013?


    1. So much fun!!!!! Love it. Now I just don't know who to join. I love you both!

    2. Fun! I really have to choose between the 2 of you????

    3. LOL! You might have to use to pick ;)

    4. Awesome idea!!!! I LOVE Janine but us teachers stick together!!! :-)

    5. What a great idea! Do we choose? or do you select? I can't decide

    6. What a great idea! You two are soooo cute!

    7. Love it! Sneaky getting this picture during the shuffle - didn't even know you did it! LOL I like both blogs but of course have to go with my van mate, running bestie Amy! Go Team Escapades!

    8. Thanks Katherine! Are you running with us this weekend?

    9. You choose, but I can help you choose the winner ;) #TeamEscapades!!

    10. I'm in, team running escapades!!!:) I'll work up a little blog post to see if I can get more recruits;-) what a FUN idea! Just so happens, I plan on logging a LOT of miles comes January;-) yay! Exciting!!:)

    11. Awesome, count me in! Found you via Msfitrunner. I love challenges, and hopefully this will help keep me on track with marathon training through the winter!

    12. That would be so great! Thanks for joining my team ;)

    13. Thanks for joining! Tell your friends too ;)

    14. I sure need the motivation! I started off November okay but I've been slacking since Thanksgiving! I'm in :)

    15. A group of fitness friends on Facebook want to log 1000 miles (biking, walking, running, etc.) in 2013. I'll see if they want to join your challenge to get started!!

    16. So fun! I'm a little overwhelmed with challenges lately, but I think I can handle one more... :)

    17. Just joined your chilly challenge team! Let's do this!!!

    18. That's awesome! The more the merrier AND more miles toward winning ;)

    19. OMGoodness, I know what you mean. This will be great motivation!!

    20. This sounds so fun. I found you from Fancy Nancy. Both teams sound great, but I am going to pick Giraffe. I need to stick with my Tough Chic peeps!

    21. Fun! I'm always up for a challenge - especially anything to keep me going in the winter! You both are great - do I really have to choose? OK I'm going with Team Escapades since I've actually met Amy in person :)

    22. Hi Amy, I signed up the other day but didn't see my name on the sign up sheet. I added my name again but wanted to leave a comment in case it didn't go through again. I'm going for #TeamEscapades!

    23. Aw, thanks Michelle! Hopefully we can get together again soon!

    24. That's ok, I am fan of loyalty! Good luck over there though ;)

    25. found this through skinnyrunner and it sounds like fun! joining Escapades :)

    26. Thanks for joining! It's going to be fun ;)

    27. I'm in! This is a perfect way to help me keep my motivation up as I'm training for my 2nd half.

    28. Just signed up for Team Escapades!
      you guys are awesome for creating this challenge!


    29. I signed up for Team Giraffe.. with a blog called WINE&DASH I had to go with a girl that likes to work her ass off and top her glass off!! What a great Idea I'm so excited to track my miles! is there a button we can add to our blogs??

    30. Quick question. I wear a FitBit which gives me a daily milage. Can I use that or should I just use actual exercise miles? I do know that if I workout on the elliptical, the FitBit (or any pedometer) records it as about half the distance since they use steps.

    31. I just want to make sure my purple giraffes are getting the right about of mileage posted.

    32. Hi Charlene! After some thought, we are going with actual exercise miles rather than daily steps to encourage team members to kick it into high gear during their workouts! Great question - and glad to have you on my team!

    33. I love it! Is it too late to join the #chilychallenge?

    34. It's not too late Anne! Sign up & start logging miles!

    35. Yay! Just added my miles for last week for Team Escapades! :)

    36. Just signed up! Found you from SheRunsEverywhere blog. I love challenges...especially when prizes are involved!


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