Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet

Big Banjees wrist wallet

I was very happy to be asked to review some gear from Sprigs. As a runner who hates to carry anything in my hands, I have had my eyes on their running wallets.

I was lucky enough to choose the Banjees style and color/print from a large selection. I wanted to look at something that would allow me to carry my iPhone on runs, so I chose the Big Banjees Wrist Wallet in purple paisleyblack. Unfortunately, it was not in stock so I was sent paisley/black. 

The first thing I did was put my iPhone into the fold over hooded pouch. In a matter of three steps, it was in. It fits securely and doesn't look like there is any way for it to fall out. 

wallet with iPhone only

The running wallet also offers storage for a variety of items in the zippered section. I put in my id, my bank card, and car keys. Even with my phone, the big banjees wrist wallet was comfortable on my arm. Here's a video that demonstrates how to use the running wallet.

wallet with iPhone, id, bank card, and keys

When I used the running wallet for the first time on a long run, I put my iPhone into the fold over hooded pouch and my Sport Beans into the zippered section. I carry my valet key when I run, so I just put it in my short's pocket as usual. 

In the past I have carried my iPhone with me for safety reasons, but mostly because I want to take pictures. Running with it in my hands is a nuisance and my hands get sweaty. Wearing my upper arm band is convenient, however it's awkward trying to get the phone in and out while running. 

The Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet solves the problem of how to carry my phone with me on runs. Just a mile into my first run, I pulled open the hood and took out my phone to snap my first picture. Getting the phone back into the hooded pouch with the running wallet on my arm was a little difficult at first, but after a couple of attempts I got the hang of it. 

Wearing the running wallet on my wrist was not uncomfortable. Most of the time, I forgot it was there. It didn't feel heavy or make me feel warmer than normal, although it was a chilly day. The zippered section was simple to use and I was able to access my Sport Beans easily. 

Be sure to check out the full line of Sprigs Banjees products. They have something for everyone! When you place your, order use my coupon code RunningEscapades20. It is good for 10% off of orders up to $29.99 or 20% off orders over $30. It expires 11/30/12 at 11:59 PM EST.

How would you use a running wallet?

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive the Big Banjees Wrist Wallet at no cost. All opinions are my own.


  1. Is the Banjee water resistant, mainly from sweat? I am not a big fan of having something attached to my arms or carrying at all. I have pretty much given up on carrying a phone with me on runs, but this looks cool.

  2. Oh I need me one of these for my iphone!

  3. It is made with wicking fabrics. I didn't notice any wetness when I wore it on my long run. I've also worn it when it was drizzling (with my phone) and my phone stayed dry.

  4. I never was a runner who carried anything. But once I found out I was pregnant it was important that I have my phone with me incase of emergency--and its generally a good idea since I live in a rural area where houses are few and far between. I'm now a convert to carrying my phone, which means I need a way to carry it other than in a ziplock bag in my bra (itchy!). So many of my running clothes have pockets but they aren't big enough for the iPhone. This seems like this wrist wallet would be a good solution. Did it slide around or get cumbersome after while?

  5. Since I've gotten my iPhone, I LOVE LOVE LOVE running with it & my banjees has been great to have with me for runs.

  6. Very cool!! I started running with my phone after I got pregnant so that if I needed to I could call for a pick up...but it didn't fit in my hand held...this would be perfect! I love the colors too!

  7. these are great for running and biking! when I go out however I use a more stylish option called a "CUF wallet" that I purchased from a handmade artist. they are like a piece of jewelry! their website is "" if anyone is interested!

  8. This is really cool, I had never heard of a running wallet! It definitely looks better than the fanny pack alternative. I don't generally like carrying anything when I run, but the few times I have it's a puzzle to figure out how to hold onto it!

  9. Yep, always ready to take a photo!

  10. Not at all, and honestly I was expecting it to annoy me at some point. I ran 10 miles with it and not at all a bother.

  11. Looks like a great alternative to the fanny pack, I always have my phone on me but I like it to be more easily accessible then one of those belts. Does it come in different sizes? I have child size wrists and everything falls of them.


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