Monday, November 19, 2012

TrainingTruths: Mixing It Up

Last week my running partner and I decided to mix things up. We threw in a hill route, an old route, and attempted a new route. It was an adventurous week. 

#TrainingTruths: Don't think of them as hills, think of them as "mounds of opportunity."

I'd rather be standing at the top of the hill I just conquered than wondering what it would feel like. I'd rather struggle up it than walk away failing to even try. I'd rather enjoy the benefits of running them than miss out on becoming a better runner.

#TrainingTruths: Running familiar routes is comfortable.

Sometimes I like to run a route that I have done many times because I know the area, I know the distance, and I know where everything is. Not only is it reassuring to be in a familiar area, but it's also fun to see the same faces and sights.

#TrainingTruth: It's probably a good idea to have a map handy when running a new route.

I love that runners share their routes on DailyMile so that I can find out about new places to run near me. Unfortunately, showing up without a map and a trail without markers caused us to take a wrong turn. Our run turned out very different than what we had planned.

#TrainingTruths is not just about me. We all like to see what everyone else is doing and use that information to assess ourselves. It's not judgement. It's a way to share and learn and make changes when necessary.

To participate all you have to do is share your #TrainingTruths:
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I look forward to reading your #TrainingTruths!


    mounds of opportunity.

  2. It is true. I like to run familiar routes to see my progress. But switching things up definitely pushes you outside your comfort zone

  3. "Mounds of opportunity" -- LOVE IT!

  4. "Don't think of them as hills, think of them as "mounds of opportunity." You've changed the way I see those suckers now ;)

  5. Mounds of opportunities - sh!t runners say! ;-)

  6. "mounds of opportunity" quite possibly the best thing I've read all day long. :)


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