Sunday, November 4, 2012

Running for New York

If you are a runner, then you know that today was supposed to be the New York City Marathon.

There have been a lot of mixed emotions surrounding the go-ahead followed by the last minute cancellation of the race. 

As a runner, I understand the need to finish what you started. To lace up your running shoes, head out the door, and leave your troubles behind for a little while. 

But I also understand the need to focus on recovering from such a terrible disaster. To allow the victims time to heal and rebuild. I understand the desire to want to lend a hand, make a donation, offer support.

I'm proud to be a part of the running community. Today while I'm running the Manchester City Half Marathon, I'll be thinking about the victims of Hurricane Sandy and of the thousands of runners who were affected by the cancellation of the NYC Marathon.

Looking for a way to help? Here's a great list of suggestions from Runner's World.

Feel free to leave words of encouragement in the comments.


  1. It's been great to see runners looking for ways to help out while in NYC. I hope they all get their marathon in one way or another before the season's over.

    Good luck with your half today!

  2. I have loved seeing how runners have come together locally and from afar during this this tragic time.

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  3. I hope so too Michelle! Thank you ;) The hills were tough today.

  4. The cancellation was so disappointing, but as you pointed out, is certainly understandable. I wish there hadn't been so much negative talk about the running community in the media. It's a tough thing for non-runners to understand how important finishing that race is! But I love that other races were willing to take on more runners. Hope your half went well!

  5. I think if they had just cancelled the marathon right after Sandy hit and they saw the amount of damage, there wouldn't have been backlash. The issue was just that people were already there to run it and then it got cancelled last minute. I'm glad a lot of the runners stayed to help out. Something good definitely came from it, but I also completely understand people being frustrated. It is a big financial investment "down the drain" so to speak. I'm glad the racing community has come together to let in more runners so they didn't train in vain.

  6. I totally agree Lindsey. I think that if it had been cancelled on even Tuesday or Weds instead of Friday feelings would be very different. I understand the need to recover and rebuild. However, I can also understand that if you had somehow made it all the way to NYC on Friday only to find out it was cancelled it would be very frustrating


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