Monday, January 14, 2013

TrainingTruths: NYC Plans

Training for the New York City Half Marathon has officially started. In a short nine weeks, I will be lacing up my Mizunos and readying myself for a running tour of Manhattan. My running has been in maintenance mode since the Manchester City in November, so my training plan for NYC is really just upping the mileage on my long runs. 

#TrainingTruth: I plan to be running for as long as I can and have no plans to stop - Frank Shorter

A busted water heater at Daisy's (sorry chick) led to a cancelled run date, so I went home for a runch (lunch run) with my husband. The weather was a cool 42 degrees, so I pulled out the Nike capris and matched my Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Limited Editions to my new pink Nike thermal top. We enjoyed a quiet unplanned run. 

Thursday's six mile run after school served up some challenges. First we had melting snow puddles to dodge, followed by slippery sidewalks and some strong headwinds. At the end my Wave Inspire 8s looked like they been on a trail run. 

We took our Saturday morning long run to downtown Manchester. The heavy fog at the start never dissipated and was even joined by some drizzle. Our run ended at Baked, a new local cafe, where we ordered fresh fruit smoothies with a shot of protein as our reward.

My goal for the week was to do a walking workout on my rest days. Walking workouts have many benefits for runners. It keeps leg muscles loose, alleviates soreness after a tough run, and helps maintain good circulation. For me it's about elevating my heart rate to burn as many fat calories as possible, and I can add my miles to the Chilly Challenge for my team.

Are you in maintenance or training mode?
If training, what are your training for?

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  1. Im just in mode :-) regular I CAN DO THIS mode...

  2. A new training cycle starts today, and I am I appropriately excited about it! Then again, today is also my rest day, and it is going to be a total body version, so actual work will wait for tomorrow...

  3. I'm just living the lifestyle..not training for anything specific :)

  4. training mode starts tomorrow. Will be training for 2 1/2's in April. The Go!STL and the Kentucky Derby 1/2

  5. I like the idea of walking on rest days. Since I'm not training for anything my rest days don't really need to be true rest. Sometimes I do yoga or spend time stretching on rest days too. By the way are those blue capris from old navy?

  6. Hope you enjoyed your day off!

  7. Two in one month! That's awesome!

  8. Stretching is always a good way to spend an off day! The blue capris are NUX - from my pv.body package ;) They're so soft and comfy!

  9. Good luck!!! I was supposed to run the half last year and was out with an injury :( I jsut want to be able to run again, hopefully next week!

  10. Oh, I'm so excited for you- I want to run that half someday. And kudos for long runs in the cold winter, takes a tough, determined mama!

  11. Good luck with your training!!!


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