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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Inaugural Newport 10 Miler

Newport, Rhode Island is one of my favorite places. The Inaugural Newport 10 Miler showcased the beauty and history that attracts so many and benefitted the historic Fort Adams Trust.

The race not only raised money for Fort Adams, but was held at Fort Adams, nestled on the Narragansett Bay. We picked up our race bibs and t-shirts on Saturday afternoon right on the parade lawn where the race would finish on Sunday and had the chance to meet Matt, the race organizer, from Gray Matter Marketing.

After our usual pre-race breakfast, we headed to the fort to be sure to get a good parking spot. The main lot outside the gates was being used for the race start and then public parking since Fort Adams would actually still be open for tours. The secondary lot was about a mile from the start line, but it was a pleasant walk with great views of downtown Newport across the harbor. Before the start, we met up with some of my favorite FitFluential running friends. 

Jill, Nancy, Samantha, Michelle, and me

We took advantage of the bag drop (which we somehow missed before heading to Newport and had to use a shopping bag from the NEX, yikes!) and the port-a-potties before heading to the start area. While chatting with Nancy and Jill we learned that the race would not start until 8:15. It wasn't a big deal to me, but for serious runners, it could mess with the whole fuel timing thing. 

At the boom of the cannon, we were off. Here's an awesome video showing what it looked like from above!

This race was a preview to the half  marathon my husband and I will be running together this weekend, so we ran at his pace. Right from the beginning we knew we were going to have fun when we saw flag guy (aka Bryan) - who we would end up running near for most of the race.

We also had some fun with the girls before losing each other in the crowd. This cool picture was my husband's idea. (Miles 1 & 2: 937, 926)

Besides all the fun we were having, we had these beautiful views of the Atlantic as we ran along Ocean Avenue.

Our photo taken by flag guy Bryan was the only dip in our pace - there was a photo bomb and camera malfunction involved too. (Miles 3-5: 1118, 926, 915)

Sadly, my husband forgot his Simple Hydration water bottle and had to use each of the four aid stations, but other than a couple of photo stops he sailed through the miles.

When he realized we were at MILE 6, he couldn't believe it because he was feeling so good. Did I mention that he wears Mizunos too? Enigmas for all you #brilliantrun junkies out there.

We love Rough Point and had to stop for a quick picture. You never know what you're going to see in the yards of these mansions! (Mile 6: 944)

The final four miles were just as good even though we had a couple of good hills to climb before cruising through the final two and back into Fort Adams. (Miles 7-10: 948, 945, 901, 837)

At the finish line we found some post-run yoga to stretch out and eventually found the food tent with bagels (always a favorite) and candy (even better than bagels!). The food tent was small and crowded but there was plenty for everyone.

This was a great race. My husband did amazing and I'm so proud of him. It was a great day for running.

The Newport 10 Miler has already announced the date for next year, April 27, 2014. Will you be there?

Monday, April 29, 2013

TrainingTruths: Half Marathon #9 Week 7

It was Spring Break here in New Hampshire although for the first few days you wouldn't know it. It was freezing. It finally turned around mid-week and cooperated for our last training runs before tapering begins for the Flying Pig. It was a week filled with finding ways to be active beyond the run and try to turn the occasional into habit.

#TrainingTruth: Turn intentions into actions.

On Monday I ran two miles with a wonderful group of runners who came out to support Boston at the #BostonStrongGoffstown event. I was a nervous host all day, but was put at ease as soon as we started running. It felt really good to be back on the trail.

Tuesday was a regular run day. The cold, rainy weather made it difficult to get out the door initially, but once we did, we covered the five mile route easily. 

The sun came out on Wednesday and since it was a non-running day, I took advantage of the weather and hula hooped outside.

Blessed again with sunshine and comfortable temps, Thursday's run was a treat after the soggy mess on Tuesday. My wish to replace my winter gear with running shorts was granted and even the headwinds couldn't dampen my spirits.

Thursday afternoon we couldn't pass up an invitation from my step daughter to join her and her boyfriend for some games of tennis. We enjoyed a little girls versus boys and then kids versus adults

Since the dog is retired from running, I decided to take him on a 5K walk to our local beach on Friday. Definitely need to do more of this.

The timing of the Newport Ten Miler fit perfectly as our long training run on Sunday (recap coming soon). I knew my husband's training had been going well, but I was blown away by how awesome he did running these ten miles. He finished in 1:36:32 and his overall pace was 9:39!

Share your #TrainingTruths!

Monday, February 4, 2013

TrainingTruths: Feeling Fast & Super Fun

What a wacky week of weather we had last week here in New Hampshire. Over a four day period we had a little snow storm, some freezing rain, heavy fog, torrential rain, and crazy wind gusts. It might be annoying, but it doesn't stop me from lacing up my running shoes.

#TrainingTruths: Wearing new gear makes you feel fast! 

Tuesday I was too chicken to run on the snowy roads by myself so I did a treadmill progression run instead. My new Wave Rider 16s definitely help my motivation and because they're so soft and comfy, I felt like I was flying!

Thursday's wind advisory run went a lot better than I expected. First I wore my new Runder Unders and they felt so light and soft on my! Then, despite the 20+ mph wind gusts in our faces on the way out, we kept a really happy pace on the way back after a stretch break at the turn around. 

My NYC training plan had a ten miler scheduled for my long run this week, so waking up in Maine on Super Bowl Sunday for the Mid-Winter Classic worked out perfectly. While my husband volunteered for parking lot duty, I went for a run with some friends.

Once again I entered the Runner's Wager sponsored by Pavement Runner and NYC Running Mama. Last time I had to run 15 #milesofshame, so this time I capped at 10. At first I was thinking, best. decision. ever, since I went with the 49ers. Luckily the lights came on after the lights went out, and I only owe 3 #milesofshame this time.  

I loved the success of the Chilly Challenge, so this month I've joined Janine's #5050February Make Your Miles Matter Challenge. It's another mileage challenge, only this time the prize is CASH!

How was your week? Any new fitness activities in your schedule?

#TrainingTruths is not just about me. We all like to see what everyone else is doing and use that information to assess ourselves. It's not judgement. It's a way to share and learn and make changes when necessary.

To participate all you have to do is share your #TrainingTruths:
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I look forward to reading your #TrainingTruths!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Mizuno Wave Rider 16s

I first saw the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s in early December at a fun run sponsored by my local running store. Mizuno Rep Mary brought a bag of running shoes for us to try that day and I choose the 16s since I already loved my 15s. 

After that run, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I admit, I put a lot of miles on my running shoes last year, but the 16s felt unbelievably soft and light. 

I hadn't noticed any discomfort while running in my 15s or my Inspire 8s, but a quick 5 mile run in the tester 16s clearly made my old shoes feel hard. One reason for this feeling lies in the change of material used in the heel which improves shock absorption and increases smoothness.

Another noticeable difference is in the upper part of the shoe. With the removal of overlays and the open mesh design, the shoe moves with your foot easier and improves breathability.

At 8.2 ounces, the Wave Rider 16 is half an ounce lighter than its predecessor. A subtle difference, but when combined with the other design changes it creates that soft, lightweight feel.

Once again, Mizuno does not disappoint. The color options are vibrant so they look good, and the material changes add a plushness so they feel good. Win, win.

What running shoes are you loving?

Chilly Challenge Reminder
Only one more day to run and log your miles for Team Escapades! 

I have not received compensation for this post.

Monday, January 14, 2013

TrainingTruths: NYC Plans

Training for the New York City Half Marathon has officially started. In a short nine weeks, I will be lacing up my Mizunos and readying myself for a running tour of Manhattan. My running has been in maintenance mode since the Manchester City in November, so my training plan for NYC is really just upping the mileage on my long runs. 

#TrainingTruth: I plan to be running for as long as I can and have no plans to stop - Frank Shorter

A busted water heater at Daisy's (sorry chick) led to a cancelled run date, so I went home for a runch (lunch run) with my husband. The weather was a cool 42 degrees, so I pulled out the Nike capris and matched my Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Limited Editions to my new pink Nike thermal top. We enjoyed a quiet unplanned run. 

Thursday's six mile run after school served up some challenges. First we had melting snow puddles to dodge, followed by slippery sidewalks and some strong headwinds. At the end my Wave Inspire 8s looked like they been on a trail run. 

We took our Saturday morning long run to downtown Manchester. The heavy fog at the start never dissipated and was even joined by some drizzle. Our run ended at Baked, a new local cafe, where we ordered fresh fruit smoothies with a shot of protein as our reward.

My goal for the week was to do a walking workout on my rest days. Walking workouts have many benefits for runners. It keeps leg muscles loose, alleviates soreness after a tough run, and helps maintain good circulation. For me it's about elevating my heart rate to burn as many fat calories as possible, and I can add my miles to the Chilly Challenge for my team.

Are you in maintenance or training mode?
If training, what are your training for?

Chilly Challenge ReminderLog your miles for Team Escapades!

Friday, January 4, 2013

First Run 10K 2013

Once again, my running partner Daisy and I made plans to kick off another year of running by signing up for the First Run 10K in Lowell, MA. We ran this race last year and I started the year with a shiny new medal and 10K PR.  

It was also a great way to ensure that we racked up some Chilly Challenge miles for Team Escapades. We weren't the only ones to have that in mind. While waiting for the start of the race, we ran into several people planning to log miles for our team including Bill (who I might have guilted into joining) and Dani and some members from that other team. Just kidding, it is always fun to see what Janine will be wearing!

At the last minute, my husband decided to join us and run the 5K. He's planning to re-start his own running adventure and begin training for his next half marathon. I really love having a fit-husband.

More than 1600 people participated in the 5K/10K combination race this year. The unchanged course was a neighborhood loop that started and finished at the local Elks Lodge where pre and post race amenities were held. During the first loop it was very crowded, but since they offered pace corrals the glob of runners surrounding us moved at a pace I was comfortable with. From the 5K split to the finish it was much easier running, if you could ignore the occasional bitter cold head winds. 

One of the fun parts of this race is the crowd support including my husband right at the finish ready to get the best shot! And there's my Simple Hydration water bottle in action, too. That little gem let's me cruise right through the water stops and without the aggravation of carrying it in my hand.

Katherine also surprised us by signing up for the race last minute and despite arriving last minute (barely getting her bib on when the race started), she took her speedy self right past me to the finish. I think it is because she joined the Mizuno club...check out our #brilliantrun gear.  

Spending the first half of New Year's Day running with my husband and friends is nothing less than awesome. Even though this race seems to have outgrown it's facility, the course, the volunteers, and the community make it a fun one to do. So despite only finding some granola cereal and Emergen-C packs, I was very happy to discover that I tied my 10K PR at 56:23!

How did you start your new year?

How do you feel about poor post race experiences?

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