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Friday, January 4, 2013

First Run 10K 2013

Once again, my running partner Daisy and I made plans to kick off another year of running by signing up for the First Run 10K in Lowell, MA. We ran this race last year and I started the year with a shiny new medal and 10K PR.  

It was also a great way to ensure that we racked up some Chilly Challenge miles for Team Escapades. We weren't the only ones to have that in mind. While waiting for the start of the race, we ran into several people planning to log miles for our team including Bill (who I might have guilted into joining) and Dani and some members from that other team. Just kidding, it is always fun to see what Janine will be wearing!

At the last minute, my husband decided to join us and run the 5K. He's planning to re-start his own running adventure and begin training for his next half marathon. I really love having a fit-husband.

More than 1600 people participated in the 5K/10K combination race this year. The unchanged course was a neighborhood loop that started and finished at the local Elks Lodge where pre and post race amenities were held. During the first loop it was very crowded, but since they offered pace corrals the glob of runners surrounding us moved at a pace I was comfortable with. From the 5K split to the finish it was much easier running, if you could ignore the occasional bitter cold head winds. 

One of the fun parts of this race is the crowd support including my husband right at the finish ready to get the best shot! And there's my Simple Hydration water bottle in action, too. That little gem let's me cruise right through the water stops and without the aggravation of carrying it in my hand.

Katherine also surprised us by signing up for the race last minute and despite arriving last minute (barely getting her bib on when the race started), she took her speedy self right past me to the finish. I think it is because she joined the Mizuno club...check out our #brilliantrun gear.  

Spending the first half of New Year's Day running with my husband and friends is nothing less than awesome. Even though this race seems to have outgrown it's facility, the course, the volunteers, and the community make it a fun one to do. So despite only finding some granola cereal and Emergen-C packs, I was very happy to discover that I tied my 10K PR at 56:23!

How did you start your new year?

How do you feel about poor post race experiences?

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