Friday, July 19, 2013

Fitness Friday: Summer Favorites

Happy Friday! 

Everyone looks forward to summer and I'm no different. It's been very hot and humid here in New England and the bugs (deer flies) have been making me a little crabby. So today, I thought I would think about some of my summer favorites and bring back the happy!

Swimming - it doesn't matter if it's a pool, a lake, or the ocean. I love to swim when it's super hot and jumping in the water makes you feel so refreshed.

Exploring - in the summer there is more time to go exploring. Whether we are walking around town or going for a walk in the woods, I love seeing new things in old places or checking out new spaces.

Traveling - Summertime means weekend trips to Newport, maybe a race-cation, and going home. I always try to spend at least one week in Cincinnati visiting with family and friends.

Reading - I have always been a reader. It's hard to read for pleasure during the school year when you're an English teacher, so I love diving into books of all kinds in the summer. Between the bookshelves at the library and the local transfer station, I can stock up.

Racerbacks - It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention some of my favorite summertime running attire. With the high temperatures and a decent tan, racer back tanks are most comfortable to wear in the summer. One of my current favorites is the Go Long Tank from Oiselle.

What brings a smile to your face during the hot sticky months of summer?

Now, some giveaway business. Congratulations to Emma Cross Moyer! You are the winner of the Allstate 13.1 giveaway. You should receive an email from my pal Dom with details on how to claim your race entry.


  1. Cute post! I love that Oiselle tank also! I love jumpin in our pool after a hot sweaty run. Especially when my little girls are waiting for me in their bathin suits!

  2. What are your thoughts on that water bottle? I'm trying to figure out if it would be a good fit for me since I hate running with anything in my hands, but need to carry my own fuel on long runs/races. I don't think I've got enough junk in my trunk to keep the bottle + my shorts up :)

  3. The deer flies have been crazy, haven't they?!

    Taking my kids for ice cream after a hike always puts a smile on my face during these hot days!

  4. LOVE Oiselle and all their gear!

  5. The bottle is awesome. It has nothing to do with the size of your bum, though ;) You just have to be able to tighten your bottoms. I won't use anything else!

  6. Love ice cream in the summer!

  7. So many cute pieces to choose from!

  8. I love racerbacks too! My favorites lately are the lululemon cool racer back. I also love the lake. Can't get enough in the summer.

  9. I always have a racerback tan during summer. I love popsicles and ice cream in summer too!

  10. I'm not a summer loving girl, so I try and spend as much time keeping cool and in lakes or pools to tame the heat :)

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