Monday, July 22, 2013

TrainingTruths: ZOOMA Week 2

Holy hot weather people!

Last week we were melting here in the northeast and trying to run when there were multiple heat advisories was not easy. I spent more time on the treadmill than I like, but at least I was able to get my miles for the week above 20 again.

Monday - I've been reading about how it should only take about two weeks to acclimate to the weather changes, but I cannot deal with deer flies this summer. Instead I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.

Wednesday - My morning was spent at a dental appointment, so I convinced mr. C to do a 5 mile evening run with me. He came home with a surprise pack of deer fly tape to make my run easier. Even though there were hundreds of those little suckers flying all around, I only caught ONE! I didn't get bit though.

Friday - Between playing chauffeur and running errands, my chance to do a morning run to beat the heat disappeared. Once again I found myself running 5 miles on the treadmill. I'm thankful that we have the treadmill, but I'm still struggling with my speed (why do I run faster outside?) and how to make these runs more fun.

Sunday - It was mr. C's birthday and I thought the perfect gift would be a race entry! We ran the Hula Hustle 10K and then cooled off in the pool at the post race luau.

Do you like to run races in the summer?


  1. I don't know who said it should only take two weeks to acclimate to heat and humidity, but I must be missing that gene! I was even born down south and I hate, hate, hate triple H weather. Give me fall and winter running any day! Good job getting the miles in despite the heat!

  2. Ditto Colleen! I don't know who said that 2 week thing, but I read that, too and it will take me a year to get used to HHH if I ever do! I hate it! Fall and winter running is my fav! I need a treadmill. I do have a gym membership but getting there is the battle, now that I have a little one to worry about. Way to keep at it!

  3. I try to avoid summer races because of the heat but who doesn't like a luau?! I love the card!!!! Perfect!!!!

  4. The deer fly tape looks awesome! I have never seen that but I hate those little mother . . . well you know what I mean. The bugs have been so bad in NH with all of this humidity. It's not a good feeling to know you can't really take any rest during longer runs for fear of getting eaten alive by the bugs :)

    The Hula Hustle 10K looks like it was fun. Where was that race. It always looks like you are doing such fun ones!
    Hope all is well!

  5. We were melting up here in Canada too! The heat was CRAZY!

  6. I love running in the winter too!

  7. I knew I would have trouble getting to the Y, especially during the school year. That's why we invested in a TM. Sooo worth it!

  8. I couldn't resist the dip in the pool after!

  9. It was in Manchester at the Executive Health & Sports Club. Millennium Running did it.


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