Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#WhatsBeautiful & #GoalGetter2013 June Update

It feels like I just wrote my review post for May and already June has come to an end. I continued my participation in the #WhatsBeautiful campaign sponsored by Under Armour and FitFluential, and although it has been inspiring, I once again fell short on my individual goal. Despite not hitting my weekly mileage, I did have some great moments this month and (kind of) crossed one of my goals for the #GoalGetter2013 challenge off my list.

Some of my favorite highlights:

I kicked off the month celebrating National Running Day and hosting a fun run. Hosting a fun run is one of my goals for the year. It wasn't the biggest, but it was a start. I'm looking forward to putting together more group runs in the future.

After happening upon Athleta's #seizethesolstice challenge, I discovered a new passion for yoga. The challenge was super fun, but I also learned a lot about my body. It made me realize that I should probably invest some time for stretching and strengthening my muscles.

Once again I ran the local Kickoff to Summer 5K with my husband and youngest stepdaughter. It's fun to know that this race has become a tradition for us. This year we were blessed once again with beautiful weather, but we started our race day with a different starting line: our driveway!

The biggest highlight of the month was the trip to Boston for the BAA 10K. My stepdaughter trained for six weeks to run her personal distance record that day. It was so fun to see her earn her first piece of race bling!

I'm proud to say that in addition to doing some yoga for strength, I also incorporated Laura's six exercises for runners on my off running days this month.

So instead of running 20 miles a week for a monthly total of at least 80, my actual total for June was 62.3 miles. I didn't run less, I just ran shorter distances. At the halfway point, I have run 463.56 miles in 2013. I'm still within reach of 1000 for the year!

Now that I am healthy and summer break is here, I am planning to get the mileage back up, continue working on my yoga skills, and look for new adventures.

I'm also participating in the Sweaty Challenge as a fun way to stay motivated and engage in some online support. As of now the prize is bragging rights, but you never know who might step up and donate a prize! You can join in the fun here.

What was your favorite June highlight?


  1. Im still stunned june is OVER! and Id have to say FITBLOGGIN CONFERENCE for me. It sparked my motivation in all areas of life---not just fitness.

  2. Great month you had!

    I competed in two competitions and ran the Spartan Super! Super fun month!

  3. SERIOUSLY?! What an awesome month! GO GIRL!!!
    My favourite June highlight was my first Triathlon! I loved it!

  4. That Spartan race looks tough - way to go!

  5. What a great month Amy! My June highlight was going on family vacation to Disney World! :-)

  6. Way to go AMy! My June highlight? Returning to running....and now I'm not running again. :(


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