Monday, March 10, 2014

Training Truths: Marching toward 100

For the first week of March, I kept my focus on taking care of my knee and enjoyed racking up some miles for the #FFMarchMiles challenge with short 30 minute runs and working walks. I am motivated by challenges and data, but I am hoping to NOT over-do it just to hit 100 miles in March. I know I can't do it with running only, so I'm hoping the walking will keep me level-headed. I'm the type of runner that will keep going to hit the full mile mark and not end up with a .95 run!

On Wednesday, +Mizuno Running  launched their new #IfEverybodyRan campaign asking the question, What would happen if everybody ran?  Since I run because it makes me happy (see photo evidence in this post), it's no surprise that this is my favorite stat:

Monday - ran 3.1 miles on TM

Tuesday - walked 2 miles on TM

Wednesday - After having issues with my Nike Sportwatch on Monday and again on Wednesday, I ran 3.4 miles on the TM. I might have taken out my Nike Sportwatch frustrations on my pace.

FitSnap app!

Thursday - REST

Friday - REST

Saturday - ran 3.1 miles with mrC outside because IT. WAS. GORGEOUS! (And, after phone calls and Tweets with +Nike my Sportwatch is back in action. Great customer service!)

Sunday - walked 3.1 miles on the TM and blogged thanks to my handy-dandy treadmill desk (19.83 #FFMarchMiles total)

I also had fun with the first week of the ZOOMA #ZOOMAphotoaday challenge. My favorite day was #8, shadow. I love my retired running buddy always following me around when I put on my running shoes, but I absolutely LOVED the sunny weather more!

What kind of runner are you? What do you think would happen if everybody ran?

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