Sunday, August 10, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 4 - Building Endurance

It's hard to start a training week on sore legs, but that's what I had to do for week 4 of my ZOOMA half marathon training. Luckily, I can find some extra motivation on the ZOOMA Cape Cod Training Page to help me push past the hard parts.

Despite my sore legs, this week of building endurance was a success. In fact, I felt really good after my long run and went on a nice bike ride the next day.

Sunday - 4 mile hilly loop with mrC on legs that were still very sore from barre classes (421 calories)

Monday - I felt terrible about my 6 mile morning run until I saw my negative splits! Love when that happens! Went urban surfing with the girls. It was littleCs first time to SurfSet and she liked it! (611 + 341 calories)

Tuesday - Went to my first Track Party Tuesday with Manchester MRTT Group at a local high school. After a one mile warmup, I ran two 400s which were tough even with a 400 break between, so I switched to 200s and ran 4 with 200 jog in between (283 calories)

Wednesday - REST

Thursday - This 3 miler after a professional development day at school was less than stellar. It was warm and my calf was tight, but it was a run (310 calories)

Friday - Ran my long run in Vermont with mrC by my side for most of it. My goal was to stay near a 10 minute pace to keep it "comfortable" and I'm surprised I did after 3 hours in the car and an 11AM start (875 calories)

Saturday - Enjoyed a leisurely, sight-seeing 10 mile bike ride on the Island Line Bike Trail in Burlington.

How do you deal with sore muscles?

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