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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon 2014

For the third time, I made my way to Cape Cod to run a half marathon. This event was so much fun the first time I did it, that even an injury couldn't keep me away last year. This year there were a lot of highs and lows getting to race day, but ZOOMA Cape Cod is worth it.

Here are some of the highlights of what make this a must-do-and-repeat race-cation event.

AT THE EXPO: Picking up a swag bag with a cute race tee and performance socks from Feetures! Talking to the mother runners spreading the Another Mother Runner love or ZOOMA co-founder Brae. Taking fun #ThisIsHowIZOOMA pre-race photos. Discussing jewelry with Scott from Scott James Jewelry, one of the race sponsors.

Added a new charm to my ambassador necklace!

AT THE MOCKTAIL PARTY: Enjoying lots of mingling with friends, the amazing sunset views over Old Silver Beach, and beverages from Honest Tea on the deck. Dinner with friends at Red's.

Ambassadors: Angela, Danielle, me, Nancy, Jessica, Dani, Nicole, and Jessica

AT THE RACE: Besides being a Saturday race, the fact that you can sleep steps from the starting line is easily one of the best features of this race. Early morning meet-ups are simple and there is just something fun about strolling to the starting line together.

Ambassadors: Jessica, Danielle, Dani, me, Nancy, Angela, Kelly, and Jessica

AT THE AFTER PARTY: Hanging out on the beach sipping Barefoot wine samples at 9:30 in the morning (loved the Sweet White), getting a free massage, using the Muscle Milk foam rollers, and taking a cold water soak is a great way to celebrate running 13.1 miles. I love the after-party celebration and think being at the Sea Crest makes up for the minimal views on the course!

Photo credit to Angela

AT THE RESORT: Whether you stay over after the race or not, the Sea Crest Hotel is a beautiful place to enjoy beach walks, dips in the ocean, or stretch your muscles with morning yoga on the beach.

Ironically, I didn't run any races in the summer because I do not do well in the warm weather. The weather on race day was unusually warm for late September and not something I was looking forward to. However, it did make my decision to wear my new Oiselle singlet easier.

Heading to the starting line, I was nervous: I hadn't run a race since June, my training mileage had been reduced significantly, and the lingering calf knot had me worried. I tried to keep up with the girls in the beginning, but they were just too speedy!

ABOUT THE COURSE: The course was as I expected. Views for the first 3 miles before heading through cozy neighborhoods to the Shining Sea Bike Trail. I loved the turn-around near mile 3 because I got to see all my speedy friends who were ahead of me and the bike trail offered relief from the bright sun. The second half of the course was a series of never ending rolling hills.

My legs cooperated for the most part (until the final 5K of hills), but I felt like crap: nauseous and light headed for most of the race. Luckily, mrC was out for a long run along the 10K course and joined me at my mile 5 on the trail. Instead of finishing his 8 mile run, he stayed with me to the finish.

If you haven't done a ZOOMA race yet, you need to. Seriously. They sell out. They're that good.

DISCLAIMER: As a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador I received a complimentary race entry and product from sponsors. However, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 11 - RACE WEEK!

I made it to race week!!!

Using bike miles to get me through my injury was the best decision I made during these 11 weeks of ZOOMA Cape Cod training. Somehow I survived the untimely knot in my calf, squeaked in a final long run, and maintained my fitness enough to toe the starting line on Saturday morning.

There were a lot of highs and lows getting to race day, but it was all worth it. ZOOMA Cape Cod is such a fun experience and I love being a part of such a big running celebration.

Monday: #FFWallSit challenge day 21 + planks

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run on the trail with the high school run club. My calf was not happy on the first part of this run. I took a quick stretch at the turn around and felt a little relief, but I was bummed. #FFWallSit challenge day 22 + planks

Wednesday: Another visit with Dr. Bri and he was stumped by what happened on Tuesday's run. More ART and 20 minutes of heat to loosen things up. Crossing my fingers! #FFWallSit challenge day 23 + planks

Thursday: Hair appointment = rest day. #FFWallSit challenge day 24 + planks

Friday: Off to the Cape! I wanted to do a short run once we arrived, but decided to just let the leg rest one more day. #FFWallSit challenge day 25 + planks

Saturday: ZOOMA Half Marathon! Although I had a ton of fun with the other ambassadors, this race was ugly. My legs cooperated for the most part (until the final 5K of hills), but I felt like crap: nauseous and light headed for most of the race. Luckily, mrC was out for a long run and joined me. We took  walk on the beach later in the day. #FFWallSit challenge day 26 + planks

Sunday: Started with a little #activenationday yoga on the beach to stretch my sore muscles. On the drive home, mrC and I stopped for a walk along the Cape Cod Canal where I ran my first leg of Ragnar. I want to run there again. #FFWallSit challenge day 27 + planks

How do you feel after all your training is complete and you make it to race day?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 9 - Peak Week!

Peak Week: the most challenging week of half marathon training. Once you make it through, you should be in "peak" condition for your race. My peak week came two weeks ago, when I hit my highest mileage before the dreaded shin splint pain began.

So during my scheduled "peak week", I spent more miles on my bike than in my running shoes. With ZOOMA Cape Cod only two weeks away, I have 14 days to be a smart runner and get over this shin pain for good!

Monday - #FFWallSit challenge day 7 and barre3 Studio Strength: Legs + Glutes. These 10 minute videos may be short, but they pack a punch! Yowzer!

Tuesday - Inaugural run with the GHS Running Club. Nice and easy 2.7 miles with chatty teenagers on the Goffstown Trail. #FFWallSit challenge day 8

Wednesday#FFWallSit challenge day 9 and barre3 Studio Strength: Core + Stretch.

Thursday - Another trail run with the GHS Run Club. It was super muggy, be we were speedier than the last time. #FFWallSit challenge day 10

Friday - Stayed after school for a Faculty Barre class led by a colleague. It was a nice change from watching the videos. #FFWallSit challenge day 11

Saturday - Still feeling a little twinge of tenderness in my calf, so I opted for a long bike ride instead of a long run. mrC and I took the bikes on a 9.5 mile ride around Mine Falls Park. I love finding new places to bike (and run)! We will definitely be going back. #FFWallSit challenge day 12

Sunday - It was a beautiful fall day, so we took the bikes out for 14 miles on the Peterborough Trail#FFWallSit challenge day 13

What is your favorite low impact activity?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA week 8 - Increase Intensity

ZOOMA training week 8 was supposed to be about upping the intensity of my training with more miles and longer training runs. Instead I increased my sensibility and took care of the tight calf that turned into a full-fledged shin splint with some days off from running, lots of icing, compression gear, and self-massage.

I also learned some other great tips for dealing with shin splints from my runner friends:
  • pick up newspaper using your toes
  • air-write the alphabet with your toes
  • rub ice cubes in circles on your shin
  • drink more water

Monday - REST + barre3 No Props: Legs + Core

Tuesday - REST + #FFWallSit challenge day 1

Wednesday - REST + barre3 Studio Strength: Legs + Glutes ---> lots of shaking going on! #FFWallSit challenge day 2

Thursday - REST + #FFWallSit challenge day 3

Friday - REST + #FFWallSit challenge day 4

Saturday - Changed up my long run to not un-do the healing of my shin splint from the week of rest. Instead of a 12 miler, I ran 7 and then rode my bike the remaining 5. It was warm and humid, but I took it very easy and felt ok. Felt a little tightness in the evening, so I know I still have healing to do. #FFWallSit challenge day 5

Sunday#FFWallSit challenge day 6

ZOOMA Cape Cod is only 3 weeks away and even though next week is Peak Week in my training program, I'm going to keep things easy and let my shin splint finish healing.

I'm also starting some fun fitness projects at school with the students and faculty this week. I'm looking forward to sharing more soon!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 7 - Maintain Fitness

ZOOMA Cape Cod training week 7 was my last week of summer vacation. My last week of morning runs. My last week running 5 days. My last week of morning #Surf classes at TI Fitness.

But it was also the beginning of maintaining all the fitness I've built up over the past month and a half. The beginning of maintaining the strength I've gained to run hills. The beginning of sustaining the endurance I've earned through all my hard work.

It was also the last week of the month and a perfect time to share some #MarvelousMonday moments:

Marvelous is hitting my all-time highest mileage in one month - 116 miles
Marvelous is passing the 3000 mile mark using my Nike+ running gear

Monday - 5 hilly miles and SurfSet with mrC.

Tuesday - 3.5 miles. Met up with the GHS XC team for a very easy morning run. Wasn't expecting the pace to be so comfortable, but bringing up the rear probably had a lot of benefits when my legs were creeping up on 100 miles for the month!

Wednesday - 4 hilly miles and SurfnTurf with mrC. barre3 anywhere: core, arms + legs 10 minute video workout.

Thursday - Cross train --> done on Monday & Wednesday! barre3 anywhere: total body 10 minute video workout.

Friday - 4 hilly miles on the same route as Wednesday. Part of this run is a gravel road and my calves did not like it one bit. Felt good on the hills though. Travel-Friendly barre3: Total-body endurance 10 minute video workout.

Saturday - 11 miles on the Goffstown Trail with mrC. We started this run in the fog and ended under sunny blue skies. I'm afraid my tight calf has led to some twinges of a shin splint, so I'll be applying treatments for a few days: ice, compression, and active rest.

Sunday - Rest

What part of your fitness are you maintaining? 
Share something MARVELOUS with me!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 6 - Testing Limits

How do I test my limits? Run 10 miles solo.

I've been taking advantage of summer break and doing my long runs on Friday mornings so that my weekend time is a little more open. Most of the local group runs are on Saturdays/Sundays and mrC has had more Friday trips lately, so it's just me.

How do I test my limits? Choose a hilly route for my long run.

Last time I ran my long run on a local trail. I was planning to do it again, but it was a little creepy running secluded by myself. Option #2 was to run from home which meant a hilly route with one big hill right in the middle. I went for it since, ZOOMA Cape Cod has hills!

Sunday - 4 mile run just before daylight so I had to dig out the reflective gear.

Monday - 7 mile run in Newport where there are in fact, HILLS! Later we went kayaking in Newport Harbor and it was a killer arm workout.

Tuesday - 4 mile run around the base mostly along a running trail. Then a bike ride along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Ave with gorgeous water views and mansions galore!

Wednesday - Rest day!

Thursday - 4 mile run with mrC. It was cool and cloudy which made this run feel nice and easy.

Friday - Ran my 10 mile long run alone again. Even though I hated the idea of going solo, I did it. I kept my pace comfortable and felt good the whole time. I had to walk part of the killer hill in town, but felt really good overall. Lots of foam rolling, stretching, and compression gear the rest of the day.

Saturday - Cross training at SurfSet!

How do you test your limits?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 4 - Building Endurance

It's hard to start a training week on sore legs, but that's what I had to do for week 4 of my ZOOMA half marathon training. Luckily, I can find some extra motivation on the ZOOMA Cape Cod Training Page to help me push past the hard parts.

Despite my sore legs, this week of building endurance was a success. In fact, I felt really good after my long run and went on a nice bike ride the next day.

Sunday - 4 mile hilly loop with mrC on legs that were still very sore from barre classes (421 calories)

Monday - I felt terrible about my 6 mile morning run until I saw my negative splits! Love when that happens! Went urban surfing with the girls. It was littleCs first time to SurfSet and she liked it! (611 + 341 calories)

Tuesday - Went to my first Track Party Tuesday with Manchester MRTT Group at a local high school. After a one mile warmup, I ran two 400s which were tough even with a 400 break between, so I switched to 200s and ran 4 with 200 jog in between (283 calories)

Wednesday - REST

Thursday - This 3 miler after a professional development day at school was less than stellar. It was warm and my calf was tight, but it was a run (310 calories)

Friday - Ran my long run in Vermont with mrC by my side for most of it. My goal was to stay near a 10 minute pace to keep it "comfortable" and I'm surprised I did after 3 hours in the car and an 11AM start (875 calories)

Saturday - Enjoyed a leisurely, sight-seeing 10 mile bike ride on the Island Line Bike Trail in Burlington.

How do you deal with sore muscles?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 3 - Building Strength

ZOOMA week 3 was about building strength with more miles, increasing the distance on my long run, and adding more running days to the schedule. In addition to what was on my training plan, I also added a couple more cross-training workouts.

I felt really good on all of my runs, but by Friday my legs were toast from barre classes. I met the planned mileage for the week and the goal for the Summer Run Challenge that I've been doing, but from now on, I will limit cross-training workouts to non-running days or after shorter runs.

Sunday - Zip lining in West Virginia which gave my arms and core a really good workout (recap here).

Monday - 3.75 mile treadmill run after arriving home from WV on a rainy evening (370 calories)

Tuesday - 3 mile run at the beach with mrC and Stand Up Paddleboardng - recap coming soon! (320 calories)

Wednesday - 3 mile run with mrC and SurfnTurf (307 calories + 374 calories)

Thursday - 3 mile run and back to another Booty Barre class using my Groupon deal (317 calories + 398 calories)

Friday - Checked out a new local barre studio and class called Barre Burn (aka glutes on fire) with oldestC and then ran 8 miles downtown after (321 calories + 865 calories)

Saturday - SurfSet with mrC. I woke up with very sore legs so this class was a challenge for me (374 calories)

A friend commented to me on how lucky I am to have all this time to run and go to fitness classes, and I couldn't agree more. I have been trying to take full advantage of my summer vacation and cross all the goals off my summer-to-do list (read post here). During the school year my focus turns to running because it's challenging to squeeze in exercise around teacher duties, sporting events, and family time.

Does your fitness focus change throughout the year?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Cape Cod Week 2 + #KeepItTight

My goal for week two of my ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon training was to get in my mileage before heading to West Virginia on Friday for a weekend visit with one of my best gal pals. It wasn't easy to squeeze everything I wanted to do in around the other things I had to do, but I did it. Looking at the vision board I made as part of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge (details here) gave me inspiration.

As the weeks start to pass and mileage continues to increase, I'll be making recovery part of my daily routine. One easy way to do that is wearing the compression sleeves I received from Pro Compression to try out as part of a Sweat Pink Ambassador campaign.

Day 7 Challenge: Make a Vision Board

3 mile run after church and grocery shopping. It was humid, my legs felt heavy, and my sports bra felt too tight! Not a great start to week 2 training. Day 7 fitness challenge (323 calories)

5 mile run and I was out the door before 6:20 AM…the earliest I've ever gotten out the door on my own. Worth it. Much better run than Sunday. Day 8 fitness challenge followed by a little recovery in my compression sleeves (check them out here) (538 calories)

Ready for my next workout!

Afternoon SurfSet class with oldestC…it was a #sweatfest! But awesome, of course! I'm pretty sure that I recruited another urban surfer (421 calories)

Officially my rest day for the week, but I did Day 9 fitness challenge, and walked on the treadmill for 3 miles while using my treadmill desk to do some homework at the same time! (191 calories)

5K run to the beach and back as part of my training and a virtual 5K a friend was hosting as part of a fundraiser. Humidity was higher plus the hills on the route had me worried, but then I ended up with negative splits! Day 10 fitness challenge (338 calories)

SurfnTurf class. I'm beginning to like this class more and more. The half surf, half bootcamp style is a fun way to mix up my cross training (414 calories)

A night of storms that ended with the power going out at 330 AM did not alleviate the humidity for my 6 AM out-and-back run. At least not as much as I thought it would. It was a struggle all the way back to the driveway, but nothing a little recovery on the couch with a good book couldn't take care of. Day 11 fitness challenge (680 calories)

No more sore muscles!

Total calories burned this week: 2905 

What I like about Pro Compression:
  • Made in the USA!
  • Calf sleeves support important muscles but I can also wear my favorite flip flops :)
  • The material is thinner and offers moisture control
  • They make calf sleeves and socks
  • SOCK OF THE MONTH offered at a discount
  • True Graduated Compression technology (graduated compression decreases from the bottom to top, with a pressure profile that must be 100% at the ankle (b), 70% at the calf (c) and 40% at the thigh (g). This helps promote blood flow from the lower extremities back to the heart)

If you're looking for no hassle compression sleeves or have been wanting to try them, use code PINK to get 40% off your entire purchase at Pro Compression.

Use my ZOOMA Discount Code for 10% off registration:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Cape Cod Training Kick-Off

A few weeks later than I probably should have,  I officially started training for the ZOOMA half marathon in September. I'm using my Nike running app Coach option for my training plan. Since I haven't been racking up the miles lately I chose the beginner plan. Week 1 was manageable and I used the 13 miles as my Summer Run Challenge goal.

5 mile run in very soupy conditions. This run was tough and it felt pretty awful the whole time, but then the numbers weren't that bad. (559 calories)

A sweaty mid-morning session of SurfSet. Ladders on the floor are a red-flag for intense exercises ahead. (446 calories)

Good thing I did my cross-training on Monday, because I followed that with an afternoon trip to the doctor where I received another cortisone shot for the torn meniscus and it came with two days rest.  I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill and did the 30-day challenge daily exercises.

I bumped up my runs because we had to head out of town for a funeral on Thursday. Instead of resting another day, I did my 3 miles. It was pouring rain and a day early following my cortisone shot, so I stayed inside on the treadmill. I warmed up with 2 rounds of the day 3 exercises and was excited to see how many fat calories I burned with that quick little workout. (33 + 268 = 301 calories)

5 mile training run before 630 AM! It was a comfortably cool run and I focused on taking it slow and easy to try to get in the habit of LSD (long slow distance) runs. (523 calories)

Finally made it back to Booty Barre. I wish I could take this class more often because I think it would be really good for my hips. (394 calories)

Rest day

A fun morning workout at SurfSet with mrC! Back home I caught up on the daily exercises for the 30 day challenge - but did not wear my HRM this time. (444 calories)

Total calories burned this week: 2223

My ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon training kick-off week was a success. Week 2 starts today and I am really hoping to stay on track with my mileage.

Use my ZOOMA Discount Code for 10% off registration: