Monday, September 29, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 11 - RACE WEEK!

I made it to race week!!!

Using bike miles to get me through my injury was the best decision I made during these 11 weeks of ZOOMA Cape Cod training. Somehow I survived the untimely knot in my calf, squeaked in a final long run, and maintained my fitness enough to toe the starting line on Saturday morning.

There were a lot of highs and lows getting to race day, but it was all worth it. ZOOMA Cape Cod is such a fun experience and I love being a part of such a big running celebration.

Monday: #FFWallSit challenge day 21 + planks

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run on the trail with the high school run club. My calf was not happy on the first part of this run. I took a quick stretch at the turn around and felt a little relief, but I was bummed. #FFWallSit challenge day 22 + planks

Wednesday: Another visit with Dr. Bri and he was stumped by what happened on Tuesday's run. More ART and 20 minutes of heat to loosen things up. Crossing my fingers! #FFWallSit challenge day 23 + planks

Thursday: Hair appointment = rest day. #FFWallSit challenge day 24 + planks

Friday: Off to the Cape! I wanted to do a short run once we arrived, but decided to just let the leg rest one more day. #FFWallSit challenge day 25 + planks

Saturday: ZOOMA Half Marathon! Although I had a ton of fun with the other ambassadors, this race was ugly. My legs cooperated for the most part (until the final 5K of hills), but I felt like crap: nauseous and light headed for most of the race. Luckily, mrC was out for a long run and joined me. We took  walk on the beach later in the day. #FFWallSit challenge day 26 + planks

Sunday: Started with a little #activenationday yoga on the beach to stretch my sore muscles. On the drive home, mrC and I stopped for a walk along the Cape Cod Canal where I ran my first leg of Ragnar. I want to run there again. #FFWallSit challenge day 27 + planks

How do you feel after all your training is complete and you make it to race day?

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