Monday, September 1, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 7 - Maintain Fitness

ZOOMA Cape Cod training week 7 was my last week of summer vacation. My last week of morning runs. My last week running 5 days. My last week of morning #Surf classes at TI Fitness.

But it was also the beginning of maintaining all the fitness I've built up over the past month and a half. The beginning of maintaining the strength I've gained to run hills. The beginning of sustaining the endurance I've earned through all my hard work.

It was also the last week of the month and a perfect time to share some #MarvelousMonday moments:

Marvelous is hitting my all-time highest mileage in one month - 116 miles
Marvelous is passing the 3000 mile mark using my Nike+ running gear

Monday - 5 hilly miles and SurfSet with mrC.

Tuesday - 3.5 miles. Met up with the GHS XC team for a very easy morning run. Wasn't expecting the pace to be so comfortable, but bringing up the rear probably had a lot of benefits when my legs were creeping up on 100 miles for the month!

Wednesday - 4 hilly miles and SurfnTurf with mrC. barre3 anywhere: core, arms + legs 10 minute video workout.

Thursday - Cross train --> done on Monday & Wednesday! barre3 anywhere: total body 10 minute video workout.

Friday - 4 hilly miles on the same route as Wednesday. Part of this run is a gravel road and my calves did not like it one bit. Felt good on the hills though. Travel-Friendly barre3: Total-body endurance 10 minute video workout.

Saturday - 11 miles on the Goffstown Trail with mrC. We started this run in the fog and ended under sunny blue skies. I'm afraid my tight calf has led to some twinges of a shin splint, so I'll be applying treatments for a few days: ice, compression, and active rest.

Sunday - Rest

What part of your fitness are you maintaining? 
Share something MARVELOUS with me!

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