Sunday, August 24, 2014

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 6 - Testing Limits

How do I test my limits? Run 10 miles solo.

I've been taking advantage of summer break and doing my long runs on Friday mornings so that my weekend time is a little more open. Most of the local group runs are on Saturdays/Sundays and mrC has had more Friday trips lately, so it's just me.

How do I test my limits? Choose a hilly route for my long run.

Last time I ran my long run on a local trail. I was planning to do it again, but it was a little creepy running secluded by myself. Option #2 was to run from home which meant a hilly route with one big hill right in the middle. I went for it since, ZOOMA Cape Cod has hills!

Sunday - 4 mile run just before daylight so I had to dig out the reflective gear.

Monday - 7 mile run in Newport where there are in fact, HILLS! Later we went kayaking in Newport Harbor and it was a killer arm workout.

Tuesday - 4 mile run around the base mostly along a running trail. Then a bike ride along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Ave with gorgeous water views and mansions galore!

Wednesday - Rest day!

Thursday - 4 mile run with mrC. It was cool and cloudy which made this run feel nice and easy.

Friday - Ran my 10 mile long run alone again. Even though I hated the idea of going solo, I did it. I kept my pace comfortable and felt good the whole time. I had to walk part of the killer hill in town, but felt really good overall. Lots of foam rolling, stretching, and compression gear the rest of the day.

Saturday - Cross training at SurfSet!

How do you test your limits?

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