Monday, April 13, 2015

Strength Training in Dubai

I could positively become spoiled by the hotel breakfast buffet. I've had watermelon four days in a row. Multiple servings of watermelon. It's so good.

The last time I did any strength training was more than two weeks ago in New Hampshire at SurfSet class. Yesterday seemed like a good time to get back at it, so I made my way back to the fitness center.

I hopped on the bike for a 10 minute warm up. Ever since physical therapy for my knee, I like using the bike as a warm up for strength training.

The fitness center is stocked with a variety of hand weights, mats, and stability balls and with three other people working out, it seemed like a perfect time to do some Tabata exercises.

I forgot my Gymboss interval timer in the room and had to improvise with my phone to time my exercises. It worked.

Today's Strength Workout 
(using weights 5-10 lbs): 
10 minute bike warmup
:30 hamstring curls 
:30 weighted squats
:30 weighted front lunges
:30 squats jumps
:30 alt. side lunges
:30 weighted squats
:30 arm circles
:30 knee push ups
:30 overhead press
:30 tricep floor dips
:30 knee push ups
:30 bicep curls
(:10 second rest between each exercise)

Yowie. My legs are going to be feeling that for awhile. I probably should've eased into the weights instead of getting all excited like a kid in a candy store. I probably also should have spent more time stretching.

Afterwards, I took advantage of pool again and swam some laps. I wish I knew how many laps I swam the day before so I could tell if I improved any or not. Oh well, a goal for next time.

Today, I'm taking the day off (for my legs) and some sight-seeing after lunch with mrC!

How do you recover from post-workout sore muscles?

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