Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Made It To Dubai!

Ahh, it feels good to blog again! (warning! lots of pictures in this post!)

Since leaving New Hampshire on the last day of March, the days have been speeding by. We filled our cars with what we will need in China that fit into four suitcases, our Cape Cod bikes for vacation in August, and the dog.

First stop in Springfield, MA to visit with mrC's family, celebrate his mom's birthday, and leave our favorite running buddy in loving hands. We will be back in August to get Booney for our Cape Cod vacation.

Man, I miss him!

Next stop in Cincinnati where we visited with friends and family, and went to the Reds Opening Day Parade (practically a holiday in Cincy!).

They won!

After 10 days of no running (and a lot of eating and drinking), I finally squeezed in a 25 minute run. Between the days off, the food, and the humid weather, this run sucked but it felt amazing to be out there.

2.5 miles at my mom's favorite park

On our last morning we had breakfast with some of my family before my mom drove us to the airport.

Pics with my mom, dad and stepmom, and aunt 

Our flight out of Cincinnati was delayed four times. Our plane was late because of bad weather pretty much all over the midwest. Once the plane arrived, we got on only to be sent back to the gate because of lightening and hail. We made our connection in DC, but ended up being grounded there for about 45 minutes. 13 hours and two movies later we were in Dubai.

We woke up on our first day in Dubai at about 2AM and explored around the hotel. We had a buffet breakfast, lunch at the mall across the street and went for a swim before taking an afternoon nap. We picked up some dinner at a small grocery down the block and spent the evening trying to FaceTime/Skype with the kids and our parents.

We're staying in Dubai for a couple of weeks for mrC to attend refresher classes and I'm hoping to squeeze in as much tourist activities as possible around his schedule!

Have you ever been to Dubai?
Do you prefer warm or cold weather running?

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