Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Found a Bike and A Hiking Group

We do not have a car in Shenzhen. Even though I love my Honda CRV, I don't really miss it. We get along walking and taking public transportation, but over the weekend I found this...

Last summer mrC and I went on a few bike riding adventures and I loved every minute. Since my knee has decided to get old and cranky, I will probably not be running as many miles as I had been (or would like to) and instead will be spending more time riding.

We took the bike out for a 10 mile test ride along the Shenzhen Bay.

When we first arrived in Shenzhen, I was invited to join SWIC, the Shenzhen Women's International Club. This group reminds me of MRTT...everyone is so welcoming and supportive. In addition to great tips and advice, the group also holds weekly coffee "meetings" and offers a variety of activities.

The Hiking Group meets weekly to climb the Nanshan Mountain here in Shekou, and also organizes side trips to other places.

I met up with the Hiking Group for the first time on Monday for the weekly climb.

Then I met up with some members of the group again on Tuesday for a morning trip to Qiushuishan Park where we climbed a replica of the Great Wall.

I really think I'm going to enjoy being a part of the hiking group. They like to explore new places and are not worried about a little rain!

Are you a member of any groups in your area? 
What do you like about it?

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