Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 Runs and 3 Meals

We moved into our new China apartment one week ago and have been busy trying to get settled.

I didn't start to FEEL completely settled until I slipped on my Wave Rider 18s and went for my first run. I got lucky with lower than normal humidity, but any thoughts I had of big breezes coming off the water were quickly erased.

I tried again a couple of days later and even though it was more humid, my run was better.

This morning I ran in a new place hoping to connect with a path to a park, but instead I found everything blocked by new building construction. It's going to take awhile to get comfortable with my new geography.

Speaking of getting comfortable, we finally stocked the apartment with what we need to cook some real meals. Thanks to one of our new ex-pat friends (and stores that import some US foods), I have a crockpot and fixed some Italian chicken for our first dinner.

This morning mrC treated me to his famous cheesy scrambled eggs and PB&J rice cakes. I really missed those eggs.

I've also been missing my cheesy quinoa and tuna (recipe here), so today I decided to make some. We found what we think is quinoa along with the rest of the needed ingredients: tuna, plain Greek yogurt, and parmesan cheese.

Making my way around the kitchen has had obstacles, too. I don't have a measuring cup yet, so I did some guessing. I also bought Greek yogurt that doesn't have a resealable lid.

When I was shopping, I also didn't notice that one can of tuna was in oil. Ick. But it worked.

It feels good to have a favorite meal from home.

What makes you feel settled?
Do you like to plan your run routes?

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