Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Mermaid Run and June Goals

I wish it wasn't so darn humid in Shenzhen.

I'm a morning runner and I don't mind getting up early to beat the heat. No matter what time I run, I can't beat the humidity though.

This morning I ran a route that I had put together in my head as we walked around.

I live in Shenzhen, China. Shekou is the name of our "neighborhood"

I'm calling it the Mermaid Loop because there is a giant mermaid statue of an ancient Chinese goddess where I turned around. I'm pretty sure she's naked 1. because she IS a mermaid and 2. it's so freaking humid, no one WANTS to wear clothes here.

There are great bay views from the mermaid waterfront path. Eventually the waterfront at our apartment will connect to the mermaid waterfront area. It's closed off now because of that new building construction you can see in the mermaid photo (above).

As usual I was a hot, sweaty mess at the end of my run and my pace was much slower than what I had been running in NH. I think it's time to embrace the climate.

So I'm setting some goals for myself for June.

Running: I've got to learn to deal with the humidity in small steps. Besides that, my knee is not the same as it was pre-Meniscectomy. Running, walking, biking, gets cranky a little more often than it used to.

Strength: I completely dropped the ball on this in May. So, it definitely feels like it's time to bring on a 30 day challenge. I'm bringing back a favorite that I pinned a couple of years ago.

Who wants to join me? It's more fun to do it together, right? Let me know if you're in by tagging me on Twitter @runningescapade or Instagram @runningescapades #MeanAbsJune

What are your June goals?

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