Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Few Wrong Turns and a New Toy

This morning I laced up my running shoes earlier than I ever have before: 530 AM. mrC had a trip and left before 5 and since I was already awake it seemed like a good time to try to beat the humidity.

I'm pretty sure it was the best decision ever.

The streets were pretty quiet when I started which really amazes me when I look around and see all the surrounding apartment buildings.

The first half of my run went really well. I even found this inspiring message "planted" among the vines growing on a wall.

In my head I knew exactly where I was headed to make a loop back to our apartment. Suddenly I thought I was on the wrong road and made a right turn. And then a left. And then I was lost. 

The thing about China is that all the streets look the same and the names of the roads are very similar. I followed the metro signs until I figured out where I was and finished with my longest run in China. Since I was using my Charity Miles app to support #MaddieStrong, my run mileage wasn't completely lost after I forgot to un-pause my watch at one of my where-am-I? stops.

I'm learning that June is a popular month for expats to make a move (either back to their homelands or on to a new adventure) and have "apartment sales." So after some coffee and a shower, I hopped on my bike and went shopping.  I was hoping to bring home a yoga mat (the seller actually had one that she keeps at her school, so I will get it next week), but instead I found this goodie! 

(and yes, I rode my bike back with that thing sticking out of a bag in the front basket)

When I returned home, I scrambled up some cheesy eggs for myself and then remembered to do #MeanAbsJune day 6. I seriously can't wait to get that yoga mat because the tile floor is hard!

Have you ever had a run go wrong, but turn out right?
Any new fitness toys you want to share?

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