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Monday, June 15, 2015

My Monday with Some Favorites

I'm learning that summers in Shenzhen mean lots of traveling for expats. Some return home, others move on to new places, and many go on holiday. The Shenzhen Women's International Club goes on a summer break of sorts, too. The official activities end until late August, but the expats who stay behind keep them going informally.

So, I started my Monday by meeting up with one of my favorite SWIC groups for our weekly hike. Our group was small and we were missing our leader, but we all love being active and outside.

We chatted and climbed, trying not to be distracted by the numbers that let us know how many steps we have climbed...and how many more we have to go!

Almost halfway there!

The mountain climb was hot today and didn't offer much of a breeze at the top, but we still enjoyed the satisfactory summit picture.

At the top. Chris took the photo

After a quick beverage at Pacific Coffee with the group, I walked to the Hilton to make use of my new fitness membership and take a swim. I love that I can lay out my sweaty hiking clothes to dry while I'm in the pool and sit under the umbrella to relax for a bit. Next to running, swimming might be my favorite thing.

Back at the apartment I was super excited to do #MeanAbsJune day 15 because it's the halfway mark!

mrC and I finally picked up a large knife and cutting board, so after having quinoa and tuna for lunch, I treated myself to a very large container of watermelon. Watermelon is easily my favorite fruit. I could eat it all day.

Before dinner I ran some errands. It was so darn hot out, that I just had to make a smoothie when I got back. It tastes even better than the first one I made because I now have spinach and creamy vanilla gluten free whey protein. Smoothies are such a great treat when it's hot.

I'm still looking for some chairs for our balcony so I can enjoy morning coffee and afternoon smoothies sitting with the gorgeous view. But even without them, today was pretty awesome. I enjoyed so many of my favorite things!

Do you travel a lot in the summer?
What are some of your favorite treats?

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Joined a Fitness Center

Even though I haven't had a membership to a gym for about eight years, when my new friends in China told me about the Hilton Fitness Center, I had to see it for myself. It was AMAZING! State of the art equipment, sauna, jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor pools...and a HUGE price tag. Too much even for a little piece of fitness heaven.

Then we learned of a DEEP discounted (like more than 80% off) membership available and mrC decided I should have it. I didn't plan on getting a gym membership, since I've gotten by without one for so long, but the pools, the was meant to be!

When mrC's car arrived to take him to work this afternoon, I hopped on my bike and rode 10 minutes to the HFC to get my membership officially started.

After a quick registration process, I didn't waste any time getting my workout started. I stored my things in the locker room and jumped on one of the ellipticals for a 10 minute warm up. The view of Shenzhen Bay and the outdoor pool below is amazing, but if it bores you the cardio equipment all come with attached TVs.

The place was empty, so after my warmup I had my pick of machines. I took my time getting reacquainted with each piece of equipment: a couple of sets on the leg press, chest press, lat pull, and seated row.

There was plenty of floor space for me to do #MeanAbsJune Day 12 using one of the provided yoga mats.

After the 45 minute indoor workout, I went to the pool and swam around for about 45 minutes.

Yesterday I bought a small blender, so when I got back to the apartment I excitedly made my first smoothie using frozen raspberries and blueberries, some yogurt, and milk. Ahhh! I still need to find some protein and pick up some spinach, but it was a pretty good smoothie.

I'm looking forward to spending more time in the Hilton Fitness Center and testing the equipment and amenities I didn't get a chance to try today.

Do you workout at a fitness center?
What's your favorite thing about fitness centers?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Few Wrong Turns and a New Toy

This morning I laced up my running shoes earlier than I ever have before: 530 AM. mrC had a trip and left before 5 and since I was already awake it seemed like a good time to try to beat the humidity.

I'm pretty sure it was the best decision ever.

The streets were pretty quiet when I started which really amazes me when I look around and see all the surrounding apartment buildings.

The first half of my run went really well. I even found this inspiring message "planted" among the vines growing on a wall.

In my head I knew exactly where I was headed to make a loop back to our apartment. Suddenly I thought I was on the wrong road and made a right turn. And then a left. And then I was lost. 

The thing about China is that all the streets look the same and the names of the roads are very similar. I followed the metro signs until I figured out where I was and finished with my longest run in China. Since I was using my Charity Miles app to support #MaddieStrong, my run mileage wasn't completely lost after I forgot to un-pause my watch at one of my where-am-I? stops.

I'm learning that June is a popular month for expats to make a move (either back to their homelands or on to a new adventure) and have "apartment sales." So after some coffee and a shower, I hopped on my bike and went shopping.  I was hoping to bring home a yoga mat (the seller actually had one that she keeps at her school, so I will get it next week), but instead I found this goodie! 

(and yes, I rode my bike back with that thing sticking out of a bag in the front basket)

When I returned home, I scrambled up some cheesy eggs for myself and then remembered to do #MeanAbsJune day 6. I seriously can't wait to get that yoga mat because the tile floor is hard!

Have you ever had a run go wrong, but turn out right?
Any new fitness toys you want to share?