Friday, February 1, 2013

Chilly Challenge Winner!

First, Let me say that EVERYONE who participated in the challenge is a WINNER

In 31 days, 288 people logged a combined 20,643.59 miles! That is incredible!

BUT, this was a competition and there has to be a winner...

So, officially, with a total of 10,529.39 miles

415.19 more miles

the winner is...

Congratulations to all of the Chilly Challenge participants. You all rock!

We will be announcing individual prize winners soon!

(3) Pairs of ProCompression Socks
(5) BIC Bands of varying colors/styles
(3) BIA Technical Shirts
(2) Custom MyRaceRagz Technical Shirts
(1) Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
(4) packs of (2) Sweaty Bands
(1) Whole Foods $25 gift card
(1) Simple Hydration Water Bottle
(1) RockMyRun Three month gold subscription
(3) Sprigs assorted prize packs
(3) hats from Sauce Headwear

Thank you to all of our awesome sponsors!

I hope everyone had fun, found motivation, and was inspired to challenge yourself even more!

Let me know! 
Did the Chilly Challenge help you toward an accomplishment?


  1. Yes I ran more miles than I would have, simply because I was a part of a team and that pushes me to do more than I would do for myself. Thank you both for coordinating the #ChillyChallenge

  2. Boo! I thought for sure Escapades had it in the beginning. Way to go Giraffes for rallying and pulling through! What a FUN challenge and I am so glad I did it. Even though I was training anyway, it was fun to have the support of others.

  3. Great job everyone and thanks for hosting this :) Such a fun challenge t motivate those few extra miles!

  4. This was such a fun idea. I LOVED participating. #TeamEscapades rocked it!

  5. Oh, so close! Congrats to Team giraffe!

  6. This challenge was so much fun! Thanks for coordinating it!

  7. Thanks for hosting this challenge Amy and Janine. It was great to see others progress and it definitely pushed me to do more - in fact it pushed me to do a 13 mile run LAST night to get 100.1 in for the month! That feels like a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Too bad we can't share the prizes but fair is fair! :-)

  8. Thank you so much for the challenge, Amy and Janine! Unfortunately I did not get to end strong thanks to a nagging foot but I loved the sense of responsibility I felt toward team escapades! Maybe next time!

  9. I was really hoping we could pull it out. Thanks for joining!

  10. Way to go Katherine! That's some awesome mileage ;)

  11. Thanks for running while you could. I hope you injury heals ASAP!

  12. This was so much fun!!! Thank you and Janine so much for hosting it!

  13. Sorry I couldn't add more miles, but I did my best. Thanks again for hosting the challenge, and I'm glad we had the chance to meet in Lowell!

  14. Oh bummer, I didn't get to log my last week...not that it would've covered the 400+ mi difference, but sorry I missed the cutoff!

  15. Thanks for joining! All miles were much appreciated ;)

  16. No worries! It was fun, even if we lost ;)

  17. It was a fun challenge to keep me going in January. Thanks for hosting it!


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