Monday, August 31, 2015

Like the first day of school and two new goals!

Mondays for me in Shenzhen mean climbing the Nanshan Mountan with the SWIC Hiking Group. In the summer fewer people hike the mountain: there are fewer people around and it is so dang humid, no one really wants to!

Before leaving for our vacation in the US, I hiked less and less because of the humidity. So returning to the weekly hike felt a lot like the first day of school. I was going to be seeing many people that I hadn't seen in a while and I was feeling both nervous and excited.

So I did what I always used to do before the first day of school. And yes, I did this even as a teacher!

I picked out my outfit. I was ready for the shorts hide how sweaty I get.

I put my hiking bag together. Some vital items include: bug spray, water, sweat towel, and umbrella - for rain AND sun.

I tucked one of my favorite Vega Sport protein bars into the bag, just in case.

Just like the first day of school, I met up with the group and picked up where we left off a couple of months ago.

We walked to the base of the mountain and took a selfie. Because what first day wouldn't be complete without a selfie?

When we rested at the halfway point, we took another selfie. OldestC is going to love knowing how much use I'm getting out the gift she gave mrC for his birthday :)

At the top, our Chinese friend who likes to greet our group, helped us out with our made-it-to-the-top photo.

As always, the first day with the hiking group was easy-peasy and tons of fun!


On a side note, here are TWO new goals I made for myself today:

1. Give yoga a try at this studio I discovered on my walk to meet the hiking group this morning.

2. Find out the date of the 2nd Shenzhen Women's Marathon event and sign up for...something!

Do you ever get nervous when meeting up with a group?
How do you set new goals for yourself?

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