Thursday, August 13, 2015

SUP Yoga on the Cape

While vacationing at the Cape, I got to try SUP Yoga.

I connected with Danielle Nardi Yoga who does Beach Yoga and SUP Yoga on the Cape. We met up with Danielle for a 90 minute session at the Kingman Yacht Center in Cataumet.

Before hitting the SUP boards, we all "confessed" our lack of experience. I've done SUP (you can read about it here) and a little yoga in the past, my BFF Sandy and littleC had only a little yoga experience. Of the others in our group, one had her own SUP board and the other did a lot of yoga.

Danielle assured us that we would all have no problem and got us ready to shove off on our boards. We paddled through the marina to a private cove area out of the way of boaters, but in the full morning sun. It was beautiful!

After dropping anchors, Danielle led us through yoga poses starting low on the board and working our way up to standing. She also offered modifications for poses that might bother body parts (like knees) and showed us ways to make them easier or harder.

Even though Danielle made doing SUP yoga seem easy and fun, the star of the day was littleC. She looked like a PRO on her board!

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day for SUP yoga and thanks to Danielle taking pictures with her waterproof camera, we have the images to look back on and share!

Have you ever tried SUP yoga?


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