Monday, November 9, 2015

Holiday Sweat Challenge: 500 Minutes

500 minutes. That is my goal for Week 1 of the Holiday Sweat Challenge. Just like last year, I'm participating in the Holiday Sweat Challenge to help me stay focused during the days and weeks of holiday distractions. It doesn't hurt that there are random prizes involved!

So how will I reach my goal of 500 minutes?

1. Running: I've got my own #runstreak plus a GMMRTT Halloween to Thanksgiving streak to keep my running shoes busy.
2. Hiking: climbing Nanshan's 850 steps usually takes about 90 minutes
3. Pilates: one hour yoga sweatfest on Fridays
4. Fit 2 Feast GMMRTT challenge: a daily workout challenge meant to compliment cardio
5. Strength training: 30 minutes of bootcamp style weight training twice a week

I kicked off week 1 with my long run yesterday. That was 61 minutes.

Today I started with a 1.08 mile run at sunrise. 10 minutes of beautiful sky to get the day started.

As much as I wanted to do a little outdoor workout, it was too warm. Back inside I did #F2F Monday workout: planks, lunges, and burpees. 7 minutes

After a quick breakfast I joined my SWIC friends for the weekly climb up the mountain. 90 minutes

The hard part of the Holiday Sweat Challenge for me last year was reaching the freggies goal of 7-9 servings daily. I have stocked up on fruits and veggies for my smoothies, but other than that I don't really have a plan.

How do you stay motivated during the holidays?
Do you eat 7-9 servings of freggies each day?

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