Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sweaty Style

It was noticeably cooler on my run this morning and it was nice. Instead of doing my usual lap around the waterfront near my apartment, I ran to another section of town. The waterfront is just as beautiful, but fewer people use the area.

My sweaty style has returned to the standard racerback and shorts. Any lightweight racerback that feels barely there will work for now, but I do prefer longer tops because I have a long torso. I switched to Oiselle shorts a couple of years ago and they are the only shorts I wear on outdoor runs here because the front pocket can hold my keys. Gone are the days of one simple valet key!

I recently started wearing more BAMR bands. They fit my head better and Katie makes it so easy to shop on Instagram! I've also started wearing my FlipBelt because my new iPhone6s doesn't fit in my wrist banjees, but I have my eye on this banjees armband. I just have to wait until I get home again to order it.

In addition to my run today, I did the Tuesday #F2F workout and this Standard Core Routine. It's got six familiar exercises, but Jason put in a couple of interesting modifications.

I busted out my Gymboss and did one set for 45 seconds each. Instead of splitting the side plank, I held each side for 45 seconds. That's why it looks like I have an extra exercise.

My right calf has a little tender spot, so I spent a little extra time with my foam roller. Tight calves have always been the main source of most of my running injuries. Thank goodness I packed the compression socks!

What is your favorite thing to wear lately?
Any sore spots you want to share?
What color are your compression socks?

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