Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Watch TV without a TV: Perfect for TM Long Runs

Whenever I was forced to do a long run on the treadmill, I queued up something to watch on TV. I was usually limited to whatever I could find playing at the time and let's face it, sometimes there is nothing on TV!

Now watching TV without a TV is not a problem thanks to NBC TVEverywhere. And if you are a runner, this makes treadmill long runs just a little more bearable.

NBC TVEverywhere makes it easy to watch full episodes the day after they air, or as I like to do most often, binge watch full episodes of your favorite shows right from my laptop/desktop.  NBC TVEverywhere is better than a DVR because it works no matter where you are. Just log on to the website, find your show, and hit play. 

I've recently developed an interest in CIA/FBI/spy programs, so the NBC show The Blacklist quickly became one of my favorites. The 3rd season is about a manhunt for FBI agent Liz Keen who is on the run with a known criminal. Meanwhile a major manhunt is being led by her former colleagues and she is trying to stay one step ahead of them. It's intense. Maybe watching Agent Keen on the run helps me keep my legs moving?!

I've also been a big fan of The Voice ever since a local Manchester, NH man was invited to compete in the vocal competition. I didn't get to see every episode, but I remember he did win his first battle. The show has been on now for 9 seasons and the competition just keeps getting better and better. This show is like a live concert and music always makes my runs go by faster.

mrC has been a fan of Chicago Fire ever since his cousin was hired as an extra in an episode where there was a train wreck. I like the show because you get a day in the life view of what it's like to be a fire fighter. And my BFF's husband happens to be a fire fighter/EMT, so I feel like I'm rooting for him when I watch the show. 

Try it yourself. Click any image above to find out how easy it is to watch TV without the TV!

Which show would you choose to watch during your treadmill long run?

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