Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm Over the Rainy Weather and Final Feast Day

The weather has been literally raining on my fun parade.

Instead of riding my bike in the rain to the fitness center, I did my final full body workout here in the apartment. It's nice that I can do it at home, but I'm starting to enjoy my gym time.

The full body workout had two circuits: arms and legs. I still have to modify both. I can't yet do 10 sets of 10 push-ups. I can do 5 and then I go to failure each time. I modify some of the leg exercises so I don't aggravate my knee. I also add a couple of my PT moves at the end. 

I even did my cool down inside (just like it said on the first picture). I just walked around the apartment for 10 minutes. I posted a video on snapchat (I'm on there now). You can find me @runningescapade

After my workouts, I spray my gear with an eco-friendly, gluten free sports spray. It freshens and deodorizes my gear, like my Saucony Jazz, so that they smell like jasmine instead of a gym. It's very nice.

What I ate on my final feast day

Breakfast: Big. Protein pancakes, one apple, and 2 eggs with half a slice of ham.

Snacks (no lunch): I was craving some Honey Nut Cheerios (yes I use a measuring cup for my serving) and I splurged on some cheese and crackers. I also had another apple.

Dinner: leftover bbq chicken, green beans, and some rice.

Macros: Even though it feels like I ate a ton today, I still had room for more calories to meet the feast day goal of 50% more and I was a little low on the net carb goal of 200g. 

I did not like ending with a feast day. Eating all that food when I didn't fast the day before is making me feel bloated.

Tomorrow I will take my measurements for the official end of carb cycling update. Up until today I've been feeling really good about my body, feeling leaner, and toned. Today is just an off day or nerves about the results.

Stay tuned!


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