Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day of Yoga and 4 Random Survival Tips

Today was International Day of Yoga! Did you practice like these ladies in Beijing?

I kept my yoga simple today, but first, my workout.

I started another round of carb cycling and intermittent fasting, so my workouts are part of a fitness and nutrition schedule. Today is low carb which meant we were sprinting! 5 minute WU, 10 minutes of 10:30 seconds sprint intervals, then 30 minutes CD.

I felt really good through the sprints and even went no hands on the elliptical (which is NOT easy for me). Afterwards, I did some leg strength: hamstring curls and yoga poses.

A little yoga stretch was perfect for post workout.

I was tagged to do the 22 day push-up challenge by my fabulous friend Nancy. I'm up to day 5 and thanks to a little form coaching by mrC, I've figured out that I can do full push-ups (well halfway). He is doing the challenge also.

Here are some random "survival" tips inspired by my random life:

1) two ways I beat the heat...ride my bike and drink lots of smoothies

2) to solve sweet tooth problems on low carb days

3) when I need a new perspective, climb a mountain

4) Not in the mood to cook? Crockpot chicken!

Are you afraid of heights? I'm usually ok, but a glass floor???

Random tip from your life lately?

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