Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hiking: Wilson Trail Stages 1 and 2

My SWIC hiking friends from Shenzhen have created a group of Hard Core Hikers to hike longer and more challenging trails, especially the ones in Hong Kong. We have already hiked all 50km of the Hong Kong Trail, so it is time to start on the Wilson Trail.

Here are a few reasons we can call this a hard core hike: (warning: LOTS of pics in this post!!)

1. We hiked 11.4km (basically across Hong Kong island south to north). Up and down. On concrete steps and rocky trails. 

2.  It was a rainy, windy, and cold. There were detours on the trail. 

3. We checked out everything along the way. Stretching post. Bouldering. Wartime stoves.

4. We climbed 4 peaks, all more than 350 meters.

We started stage 1 in Stanley having taken bus 6A from Exchange Square in Central. The trail head is clearly marked. It's important to pay attention to the marker for the trail you are hiking since often trails overlap. Wilson Trail ---> follow the single red hiker guy.

The ascent is straight up the first of The Twins to 386 meters. There were so many steps that I didn't stop for a long time because I knew I needed to keep my legs moving. When I did stop and look around, this is what I saw.

What goes up must go down, but not before having a little snack. It is a good idea to bring plenty of water and some provisions on any hike. And it's nice to have enough to share.

The trail was a little difficult at times, but there was also an awesome tree line that protected us from the occasional wind and rain.

From the top of the second of The Twins we could see the trail veining across the ridge, Southside in the distance, and the Tai Tam Reservoir ahead.

Then it was down and back up to Violet Hill where we had a nice long break at 433 meters.

After winding down around the hillside, we made our way toward the Parkview Buildings and the end of stage 1.

At the start of Stage 2 there is an awesome BBQ rest area which was a perfect place for the group to lunch before heading out to tackle the final climb of the day.

From Jardine's Lookout we had great views of the Central and Kowloon skylines.

The views of Kowloon were even better during the descent into Quarry Bay ---> check out the old Kai Tak airport jutting out into Victoria Harbour.

The final section of stage 2 took us through Quarry Bay Tree Park.

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