Sunday, January 29, 2017

Last Week's Workouts - On a High Note

What can I say about last week? It was a blend of fitness and social activities. This is my favorite way to live. In moderation. Enjoying life but also keeping healthy. My workouts were relaxing and intense, but surprisingly I didn't hike at all! The week ended on a really high note though.

Monday - I finally got my yoga mat back out after more than a week of slacking on my challenge. It was a powerful workout but the reclined cow pose gave me an awesome stretch in my glutes at the end. I might like it better than pigeon pose.

Tuesday - I headed to Central for a Feng Shui workshop (which was super interesting!) and then ran some errands. I was fasting, so I let my walking around be my fitness for the day.

Wednesday - Got in a good strength session at Bodypump. I'm slowly increasing my weights and learning it's a fine line sometimes between too heavy or too light.

Thursday - Started the day with a chill and thoughtful yoga session and then explored the popular Chinese New Year Flower Market at Victoria Park.

Friday - My favorite workout of the week was Step class because ---> look at those calories burned! This class is an updated version of the step aerobics I did back in the 90s at the YMCA. We still do those basic step moves, but there's also a round of circuit training. I'm so happy that my knee does ok during this workout because it feels so good to work that hard.

Saturday - 1000 reps (yes, 1000!!) at Bodypump. Got that bit of information at the start of class.

Sunday - For months I've been enviously watching runners in my neighborhood and wishing I could join them like I used to. Today I took my interval run to the streets and LOVED feeling like I'm back in the game. I ran for 22 minutes - 30 seconds running and 20 seconds walking. The last half mile or so was a good uphill climb too. Total = 1.70 miles. 

How did your week start and end?
What was your high note?


  1. I LOVE BodyPump classes, so great for strength training, but the music and atmosphere makes it fun too.

    1. I LOVE the music! I even created my own Bodypump 100 playlist ;)

  2. Love step workouts! They totally kick my butt, but I can't get enough!


    1. This is becoming my favorite non-running workout!


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