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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Last Week's Workouts - On a High Note

What can I say about last week? It was a blend of fitness and social activities. This is my favorite way to live. In moderation. Enjoying life but also keeping healthy. My workouts were relaxing and intense, but surprisingly I didn't hike at all! The week ended on a really high note though.

Monday - I finally got my yoga mat back out after more than a week of slacking on my challenge. It was a powerful workout but the reclined cow pose gave me an awesome stretch in my glutes at the end. I might like it better than pigeon pose.

Tuesday - I headed to Central for a Feng Shui workshop (which was super interesting!) and then ran some errands. I was fasting, so I let my walking around be my fitness for the day.

Wednesday - Got in a good strength session at Bodypump. I'm slowly increasing my weights and learning it's a fine line sometimes between too heavy or too light.

Thursday - Started the day with a chill and thoughtful yoga session and then explored the popular Chinese New Year Flower Market at Victoria Park.

Friday - My favorite workout of the week was Step class because ---> look at those calories burned! This class is an updated version of the step aerobics I did back in the 90s at the YMCA. We still do those basic step moves, but there's also a round of circuit training. I'm so happy that my knee does ok during this workout because it feels so good to work that hard.

Saturday - 1000 reps (yes, 1000!!) at Bodypump. Got that bit of information at the start of class.

Sunday - For months I've been enviously watching runners in my neighborhood and wishing I could join them like I used to. Today I took my interval run to the streets and LOVED feeling like I'm back in the game. I ran for 22 minutes - 30 seconds running and 20 seconds walking. The last half mile or so was a good uphill climb too. Total = 1.70 miles. 

How did your week start and end?
What was your high note?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Weekly Workout Recap - Moderation

Last week I made a valiant effort to not revert to my old bad fitness habit of overdoing it and pushing my body too hard. What I really mean is that I did not keep up with my daily yoga challenge, haha! For some reason after Monday, I just went into yoga resist mode, which is really odd since I was enjoying it so much the week before.

It happens. My body was obviously telling me something and I listened. Everything in moderation, I say.

Here's a closer look at my week:

Monday - I enjoyed a slow paced yoga session, literally. It was all about relaxing. Then I went to Bodypump. These workouts are so polar opposite of each other. Yoga is all calm, serene and quiet. Bodypump is fierce, fast, and loud. I love having both in my fitness lineup.

Tuesday - On Tuesdays I FAST. I thought it was a good idea to skip yoga in the morning, so I wouldn't get hungry. Instead I walked to the salon to get my nails done and then made protein bars and broke my fast. I never did do my yoga like I thought I would.

Wednesday - I met up with the AWA hiking group for a day on Lamma Island. I had an early start and once again planned to do some yoga in the evening, but I have a terrible time working out at night anymore.

Thursday - I spent the morning at Foon Ying, an AWA event series designed to introduce new members and help us adjust to living in Hong Kong through group activities around the city. Foon Ying means welcome in Caontonese. Since it was a low calorie day, my workout was just the easy walking I did around Central.

Friday - I went to my first Step class at the HIT Room. TBT to step aerobics at the YMCA with a modern twist = serious calorie burn. It was fast, it was hard, and I loved it. Can't wait to do it again!

Saturday - mrC and I went to the Bodypump 100 launch. Every three months a new workout is released to keep the class fresh and challenging. This was the 100th release. That's pretty cool.

Sunday - It was chilly and even drizzling a little, but I was looking forward to another interval run. I did the same 20 intervals as last week and my knee felt ok again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that painfree running stays in my future.

My daily yoga emails are weighing down my inbox. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does. I'm hoping to catch up on my yoga sessions this week. It will feel good mentally and physically to find my way back to the mat.

What have you put off that you hope to get back to?
Do you take step classes?