Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hiking: Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is one of Hong Kong's 200 islands and is a great place for a day trip. It has a mix of hiking trails, shopping and waterfront eating. Cheung Chau is home to a thriving fishing village making it a very popular spot to get seafood.

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a group of AWA hiking friends to explore the island. It was very easy to get there on the fast ferry from Central (pier #5) and only took about 40 minutes.

The hiking trails are mostly easy with a couple of moderate climbs thrown in. If you follow the trail around the entire island, you will walk about 14km. We did about 8km before deciding it was time to eat!

Notable sites along our hike:

1. The fishing boats. There were so many colorful boats filling the harbour and all along the waterfront.

2. The Lookout Pavilion. This is the highest point on the island, so naturally there are great views, especially of the southern part.

3. Tung Wan Tsai beach ---> with lots of sea glass.

4. The Mini Great Wall, a quirky name from the granite railings, is the name given to a section of the Family Trail. I did not see the visual similarities the China's Great Wall except that the wall did seem to go on and on and on.

5. The many interesting rock formations including this one that looks like a dog gazing out over the water to me was actually named Vase Rock by the locals.

6. Views of the South China Sea. Even on a cloudy winter day, we stopped to enjoy the views. I think there is just something about water and waves and beaches and rocks that makes everyone happy and calm.

7. Shops ---> selling everything from handmade products, touristy souvenirs, boutique-y clothing and more.

8. Waterfront dining - there are so many options with outdoor prime people watching seating but also indoor seating if you happen to visit on a not so flavorful weather day. We choose the popular So For Kee and it was delicious! I'm still thinking about the sweet and sour chicken ;)

There is still more to see and do especially when the warmer weather returns!

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