Friday, July 28, 2017

Not My Typical Low Calorie Workout

Fridays are low calorie, active recovery days. This means taking it easy, letting muscles recover and low intensity workouts. I started the day very low key. While my coffee was brewing, I foam rolled and stretched out my sore muscles from yesterday's Bodypump class. This time my legs were feeling it.

Since I already had the yoga mat out, I played this silly how-to-get-thinner-legs-even-if-you're-lazy video that I saw on Facebook. It was quite amusing and surprisingly, not all bad!

On Monday I missed the cardio party, so I made up for it by doing Bodystep class today. It didn't really fit the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® workout plan for the day, but I figured it was ok since I had two extra rest days at the beginning of the week. No over-use problems to worry about.

The class was AWESOME! How do I know it was awesome?

1. I burned nearly 600 calories in the hour long class (598 according to my Apple watch).
2. I was so sweaty at the end that I could barely hold onto my legs during reclined pigeon stretch
3. My hair was so wet you would think I had showered.
4. My face was bright red even after riding the bus back to the apartment.
5. It was a super fun cardio party!!!

mrC and I ran some errands after lunch and I was quickly reminded why people stay indoors in the afternoon around here. It is seriously hot!

 Low calorie day - the meals

Broke fast before class again (about 9am). One PB&J apple cinnamon rice cake.

Brunch around 12:30: two scrambled eggs with ham (topped with my favorite seasoning) two PB&J apple cinnamon rice cakes and orange juice. 

Snack - mini bag of Cheez-its

Dinner: left over buffalo chicken quinoa and corn. Followed by a bowl of watermelon.

I was about 200 calories over --- probably the Cheez-its, but my macros were almost perfect!

I'm linking up with Lacey and Meranda and Rachel for the Friday Five 2.0!

What is your typical active recovery workout?
Ever skipped your recovery day for something awesome?


  1. My active recovery routine usually involves planks and walking (which is my main workout at the moment). I have a tough time sitting idle, even on recovery days. I think the muscles benefit from some movement (as long as the movements are moderate and not aggravating the already sore muscles). That's why I almost always do a slow, easy-paced 1-mile run the morning after a tough run or race.

    1. You have been putting serious miles on your walking shoes! You're right that movement is better than sitting when you're sore.

  2. I usually count my yoga day as my active recovery, even though I go to a hot yoga class that can be challenging - it's working entirely different muscles in a different way at least.


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