Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekly Wrap - Blah, I Need Sunshine

I really am a sunshine person. A bright, sunny day kind of person. Nearly a full week of gray ugly skies and bad air has me feeling kind of pissy-pants. Do you ever get that way?

What I'm wearing: top, shorts (similar), shoes, headband, bag

Other than the dreary weather, the week wasn't bad. I had a couple of fun social events (Bunco night and listening to classic rock bands) and spent a lot of time with mrC before his trip. I don't know why it feels like I'm complaining.

I worked out every day. I got to one strength class and I did a bunch of yoga and other cardio at home. I even ran two 5Ks ---> this alone should have me feeling head over heels.

The only explanation I can come up with for my Scrooge-like attitude is that I need sunshine.

My workouts for the week:

Monday - Yoga

mrC and I had interview appointments to get our Global Entry passes and a bunch of other errands to run, so it was morning yoga for me. Plus I don't get my hair wet or sweaty for two days after a keratin treatment, which I got on Sunday.

Tuesday - Rest

I went mrC to his doctor appointment and then we went on a hunt for winter boots for me to wear on our trip to the Ice Festival in Harbin, China. It's a pain to have to buy things like this that we have in storage in Massachusetts, but what can we do? It's really cold in Harbin (windchill of -20s) so I will be getting a taste of winter for real this year!

Wednesday - Run

With a morning finally free, mrC and I went for a run. The air quality was horrible (you could see it when you looked out the window), so we ran on the treadmills at the fitness center. It's not my first choice since the temperatures are perfect in the winter for running, but we're glad that we have the option to go indoors when the air is bad.

Thursday - Bodypump

Finally made it to The HIT Room for some strength training. I'm still trying to figure out the weights thing. I have trouble finding the happy weight for biceps, triceps and shoulders (although I am getting better on this one). Since form is pivotal, I worry about being too heavy but then I don't get the same post-workout soreness that I get on the leg tracks (even though I push to failure). I need to figure out a better weight selection strategy asap.

Friday - HIIT workout

I had to go to Central again for a lunch meeting with other AWA volunteers, so I did an uncharacteristic afternoon workout. I haven't been doing the SWEATADAY challenge recently, but after writing about it I looked it up. I chose six exercises from the 20+ days and made up my own HIIT workout. 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest: curl & kick burpees, runner's crunch, superman pull (tough), plank to pike, reverse table crunch (really tough), foam roller side plank (modified because I don't have TRX). I felt good about putting this workout together, but dang it was hard! Harder than I thought it would be. PS - you can see the moves on Instagram.

Saturday - Run

I was disappointed to wake up to ugly gray skies, but I did my run outdoors anyway. It was humid and it has warmed back up to the high 60s which put me on the struggle bus especially for the second half of the run. That's also when all the dog walkers came out in force to clog up the sidewalks! Dodging dogs and leashes while running up a big hill is not really my idea of fun.

Sunday - Yoga

I was out late with some friends, so I slept in for the first time in forever. That usually only happens when I have jet lag. I did a nice session of video yoga and a couple cardio SWEATADAY exercises. It was another gray day and I was happy to spend it indoors.

As you can see, I'm not lacking workout motivation or dealing with an injury, but I'm still feeling a bit underwhelmed at the moment. The forecast for tomorrow looks good and hopefully the effects of my sunshine withdrawal will come to an end. I'll keep you posted.

Does prolonged cloudy/gray weather affect your mood?

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  1. I agree on the lack of sunshine thing. I don't think I have SAD, but I definitely LOVE my sunshine.

    1. Nothing beats a sunny day with big blue skies! Crossing my fingers that we get one soon.

  2. I comment often that as much as I hate the cold, I'd rather have cold and sun than warm and gray. I need my sun!

    1. I'm with you! I know dealing with gray skies and yucky air is peanuts compared to the winter weather many of you in the US have been dealing with, but I AM so over it!

  3. Great job with all your workouts this week! I've been in total hibernation mode all winter. It's a combination of decreased sunlight and the really cold temps!

    1. Winter is definitely challenging, right? Hopefully we both get the weather we want and need soon!

  4. I'm solar powered! No sunshine? No energy, no motivation, no nicety. Even if I can't be outside in it, I still need to see it. Even in the grayness, you had a great active week. Is the air quality often too poor to run outside? Hopefully you don't have to deal with that very much. It's a rare treat to sleep late! Thanks for linking!

    1. The bad air quality is blamed on northern China and the winter winds blowing pollution toward HK. It's frequent enough that there are apps for checking the quality. It happens off and on all year long, but to me it just seems worse in the winter.

  5. It's so funny how much the sun affects us! We had warmer weather than usual in January this weekend so I got outside a couple times, even though it was a bit overcast. Just that bit of time outside did seem to help. Hope things get better this week :)

  6. Omigosh, I struggle mightily when the sun is gone for too long. Like after Prince died and it just rained and rained and rained here. I thought I was going to go crazy. SADs is a real thing for me. I was talking with my mom about it and apparently, I've had it since I was little. I guess I just never realized what was going on. lol

    Going to the ice festival in Harbin sounds fun! (and cold) :)

  7. I always keep heavier plates next to my mat in Bodypump for the lower body track ...a quick change of plates and I'm good to go. You had a great week of workouts but lack of sunshine will make anyone a 'pissy pants'! Hope you get some sunshine this week!!!

  8. Im glad the gloomy weather has not made you lose motivation. When it is gloomy here I just want to stay inside and watch tv or read a book. Clearly you are more dedicated than I


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