Thursday, January 25, 2018

Three Things Thursday - My Run

I'm super excited that I got my run done today!

Tuesday's run was scrapped because I slept terribly the night before and my legs were sore from strength training. For some reason my sleep has not improved ---> I am waking up between 2-4am and then laying awake for an hour or two, ugh!

Today's run will be my only one for the week because we leave tomorrow morning for our weekend trip to Harbin, China. We're part of a tour group so our time will be packed, PLUS the temperature in Harbin ranges from -10F to 14F this time of year not counting the windchill.

Back to today's run. When I went to bed last night, I said a little prayer that the weather would play nicely for an outdoor run today and it did!

I headed out for my normal 5K route. A little over halfway in and struggling with my pace, I changed the route to avoid going through the park because it looked busy with school kids and I didn't have the energy for zigzagging. Instead I doubled up on the promenade and then followed a side street out to the big hill I have to climb at the end.

Here are three things about my run that made me HAPPY:

1) It was outside! I absolutely love where I run. Being able to run along the water definitely makes even the tough runs good ones. Today the wind gusts made the water a lot rougher than normal making it feel like the water was talking to me.

2) There were hints of blue sky! The arrival of strong winter winds (monsoon) yesterday cleared the air for a brilliant day and we were fortunate to feel the remnants this morning. Cloudy skies during the winter can become quite the norm as a result of the seasonal sea breezes. The sun teased me a few times during my run (I really didn't need those sunglasses) and then

3) I got through it! I think I was so excited about running outside that I let my pace get away from me. I started to get a side stitch and fizzled a bit. I took more walk breaks than my running shoes (affiliate) are used to (one every mile), but somehow still finished my 5K with a good time.

Tell me something about your last run that made you happy!

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  1. My last run--yesterday--made me happy because I felt so much better after fighting a tummy thing all weekend. The run felt great! so that made me happy.

    Have a really fun trip! Looking forward to hearing about it. Bundle up.


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