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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

When the Winds Chased Us Up to the Lanikai Pillboxes

Fridays are our day for active recovery - low impact activities. We love to take the SUP boards out. We paddle and float, paddle and float. It's relaxing, but also great movement for the day.

Lately, the winter weather in Hawaii has been making it difficult to get out on the boards. We have had wind advisories and high surf advisories a lot more than last year. So, it wasn't super surprising when we loaded up our boards last Friday only to discover the water was way too choppy.

Instead of paddling out to the Mokuluas, we did a quick change of clothes and went for a hike up to the Lanikai Pillboxes.

The first time we did this hike was right after moving to Oahu in May of 2019. It's right in our neighborhood, so we pledged to do it ALL THE TIME. That hasn't happened.

But thanks to the windy day, we got back up to enjoy the views of the Mokes from above. 

This hike is short and sweet...or maybe quick and dirty is a better description. From car door to the top and back down is only 1.40 miles over an elevation gain of 418 feet.

Most of the hike is a gradual (less than) moderate climb, but there are some portions (like the beginning) that are leg burners and get your heart pumping. The best part of the big climbs are the views you get while you're taking a break to catch your breath.

We passed the first pillbox and made our way to the second one at the top. Once there, we found a spot to sit, enjoy the view and the blueberry protein bars we brought with us to break our fast! I love them, but I think they taste even better with that view.

So the day the winds chased us up to the Lanikai Pillboxes turned out to be an awesome back-up plan for paddle boarding.

When has your plans fallen through only to end up leading to something even better?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weekly Wrap: My Effort

It's true what they say about effort and success...

I started the day with the goal of fasting as long as I could, which I hoped would be at least a couple hours longer than my normal extended fasting window. So if I made it to 2 or 3pm, I'd call it a success.

It would all come down to effort.

First of all, I woke up hungry (which is unusual). It's like my body knew what was about to happen. Like waking up right before the alarm goes off or getting a headache when a storm is coming. Needless to say it was kind of annoying that my stomach was rumbling and I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee. Like a good carb-cycler, I ignored the feeling and went about my morning.

It was going to be another scorcher (heat warnings were predicting temperatures at 94 with feels like above 110), so after doing some chores around the apartment mrC and I took a walk. This is always a good distraction from thinking about food. We were hoping to beat the heat, but the heat had an early start.

The first part of the walk was not bad. We cut through the trees and took the shaded steps down to the beach. There are two storms brewing out in the China Sea and they're bringing pretty nasty air quality to Hong Kong, but that hasn't stopped people from braving a day at the beach.

Despite the feels like temperature of 104, we saw runners, walkers, bikers and even full tennis courts.  People around here are way more hard core than we are. There is no shade or breeze on those courts.

We did a a one mile loop and that was enough for us. The final stretch is all uphill and mostly unshaded. We hung around outside for a few minutes because living at the top of the hill has the perk of being what we call the windiest spot in DB. In other words, it's a great place to cool off, most of the time.

After the walk, I tried to distract myself with laundry and even put on one hour express teeth whitening strips, but by 12:30 I broke.

I was hungry and I knew I had left-over buffalo chicken quinoa. (Have you tried this recipe?)

I did not give 100% effort today.  I knew my 24 hour fast would not be successful and I'm ok with that. I adjusted to what would work for me, today. Carb cycling and intermittent fasting does not mean that I must do a 24 hour fast or I fail. That's why this program works for me. I can modify it to my needs and still be successful. Maybe I didn't complete my fast for as long as I originally planned. I still fasted. My body still experienced the benefits of an extended fast and that's what matters to me.
**Want more information about carb cycling and IF? Click here for FASTer Way to Fat Loss® info.

Here's a look at the rest of my workouts from the week. I think my overall effort is excellent!

Monday - Laser hair removal day - took a walk

Tuesday - took a walk

Wednesday - strength training

Thursday - Bodypump

Friday - Bodystep

Saturday - strength training

Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

How would you rate your effort this week?
Can you think of any other examples of when our bodies seem to know something?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

What hurts most? Active recovery day!

My Bodypump workout left me dealing with DOMS. As the hours passed, the delayed soreness increased.

First it was my back muscles. I had a brief meeting in the morning and I just couldn't get comfortable while sitting in the coffee shop because everything was feeling so tight.

Then my biceps. I did some grocery shopping after my meeting and every time I reached out to grab an item, my biceps screamed at me.

Oh, my legs! I'm pretty sure it would be easier to just stand up all day.

Does any of this sound familiar? Midday I broke out the foam roller and yoga mat.

I did ten passes on my hamstrings, hips, glutes, quads and back. Then I did a nice and easy yoga flow to stretch out. This definitely helped my legs and back, but my biceps (and triceps) are still screaming today.

I wear my Oofos all the time in our apartment and I'm sure this helps the recovery of my legs too. I was excited to find so many options (including the style I wear) available on Amazon.

We are currently under Tropical Cyclone warnings here in Hong Kong as Tropical Storm Roke approaches a little closer than originally thought.

Hopefully I can get out for a short run!

Tell me about your worst case of DOMS!