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Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mezamashii Run Project

Last week I was whisked away by Mizuno to be a part of a Mezamashii Run Project in Atlanta. 

I arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday evening and met Ashi and Heather. Ashi went straight to his shoot, while Heather and I were dropped at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Since we had the night off we decided to meet for dinner. After checking out the fine dining in the hotel, we opted to go around the block to JR Crickets, a more casual sports bar-like place.

After dinner I had a chance to check out the welcome gift that Mizuno thoughtfully gave us. Inside the Mizuno bag were some snacks, a water bottle, lanyard, and a note thanking me for coming to Atlanta. I was thinking, No, thank YOU, Mizuno, for inviting me on this amazing adventure!

The shoot: After easing into the day because shooting ran late on Wednesday night, Ashi, Heather, and I were picked up by Lisandra and driven to the Mizuno warehouse. Lisandra and a host of other production assistants took care of us (the talent) all day. It was a little bit rock-star-ish.

Shortly after we arrived we were given the scripts for our individual scenes and time to learn them. A little while later, David, one of the producers brought us some wardrobe to go through to find outfits for our scenes.

Things kicked into high gear after I was taken to see the Mizuno representatives to approve my wardrobe. They had built a mini-set right there in the warehouse with the stereotypical lights, camera, microphones, and screens. After meeting the reps, including Lori Ann who has supported my little blog for a while now, I met the director and was mic'ed for my scene.

(Photos shamelessly borrowed from Louise who was part of the project all week)

I was so nervous that I really thought they could hear my heart pounding through the microphone attached to my bra. It was so surreal to have the PA step in with the scene clapper board and another PA yelling Quiet on the set! 

I'm not sure how many takes it took for me to get it right they way the directors wanted, but it was a lot. Even though I was a bundle of nerves, everyone was super nice and made me feel comfortable. I am grateful that no one made me feel inadequate or like the amateur that I am. I didn't know it at the time, but the production crew was a legit Hollywood team. This experience just made me love Mizuno even more.

Although I can't tell you much about the specifics of the filming, I can show the wardrobe I wore and then was allowed to keep. I wore the shorts on my run the other day and they were very comfortable. They have an inside key pocket and outer zip pocket.

I have been a Mezamashii Run Project member for almost two years. As a member I receive early access to new product launches, exclusive events, and the ability to impact future shoe design. Mizuno believes in bringing Mezamashii, or brilliant run, directly to the runners. There are some amazing things happening for the Mezamashii Run Project community. Join in the fun by applying today.

Have you tried Mizunos?