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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day In The Life: Expat in China

Life in Shenzhen, China is a lot different than New Boston, NH so it seems fitting that I do a little Day in the Life post. I no longer have a job or a car...the two things that used to take up most of my time. Now I spend a lot more of my time on my feet or bike.

We live on the waterfront which is a great place for walking and running. This morning after some coffee and getting caught up on news from home, I went for a one mile run to continue my brand new #runstreak and then joined mrC for a little walk.

We both had a small breakfast: PB&J rice cake for me and bowl of cereal for him. We discussed some ideas for upcoming travel plans, spent some time on social media, and then biked the two mile round trip to the ferry terminal to get mrC's ticket to the airport for his two day trip.

We spent the afternoon watching it rain, catching up on some episodes of The Good Wife, and having lunch (turkey rollups and a salad). After lunch we walked to the ATM. I'm still loving my new Skechers. They're getting quite a few walking miles put on them.

I put mrC in a taxi, had a quick snack, and then tried to figure out what to wear to my first Zumba class. The free class was being held in a neighboring apartment complex gym. I settled on capris and a loose fitting tank. At the last minute I thought to throw on my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I could "dance" off.

After class I walked home, had a shower, and curled up with some popcorn and Amazon Prime TV.

Would you miss your car if you had to give it up?
Ever taken a Zumba class?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Day in the Life: January Edition

It's time for another round of A Day in the Life posts and I love reading them. I'm a people watcher. My grandmother used to make fun of the way I always chose the seat facing the room, never wanting to miss a thing.

I like reality TV, too: house hunting, being a "real" housewife, searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, or racing around the world. Glimpses into the worlds of others is fun and sometimes I discover something new.

Today you get to follow me through a typical Tuesday in January.

5:30 am - Wake up to the cold nose of the dog trying to tell me he's hungry. After a quick shower, I follow the dog downstairs to feed us both breakfast, enjoy some coffee, catch up on social media, and watch the morning news. I am especially interested in the weather since today is Run Club Day.

Peanut butter and jelly apple cinnamon rice cakes

6:30 am - Pack up my lunch and make a protein smoothie to-go.  Head back upstairs to pack my gym bag for Run Club and PT this afternoon.

I've been adding a handful of this yummy gluten free trail mix to my smoothies and the hint of chocolate is so good!

7:00 am - Load up the car and leave for work. Nothing special about the drive except that I have a goal to drink a bottle of water before I get to school ✔

7:20 am - Arrive at school. Stop to check my mailbox on the way to my classroom. Take a few minutes to update the class agenda on the white board, read and reply to emails.

7:56 am - Today this is my planning time, so I spend the first 45 minutes meeting with other 10th grade teachers while getting lesson materials ready for the day.

8:45 am - Head down the hall to a 10th grade team meeting.

9:36 am - Teach my first class of the day. Spend most of the class writing notes on the board while the class discusses Lord of the Flies (remember that book?) and then monitor the class while they work on their assignment.

11:01 am - Repeat the same lesson plan to a new class.

12:06 pm - Break for lunch. Walk across the hall to get my lunch and return to my class to eat. I have several students who prefer to bring their lunches to the room to work and talk than sit in the cafe. I check my Fitbit stats and see that I've only walked 3000 steps so far. It feels like much more!

Turkey and cheese roll ups, strawberries, and Chex rice cereal

12:36 pm - Resume teaching class.

1:06 pm - Teach my last class of the day. I'm up and down a lot today with this class. They are independently researching, but I walk around to check in with them periodically. Occasionally I get called to answer a question while they work on the laptops.

2:41 pm - School dismisses. Hurry to the rest room to change into my running clothes.

3:00 pm - Run Club meets in front parking lot. The students head out and I complete my 20 minute post-op run using 2:3 walk/run intervals. Add another 1.68 miles to my Mizunos.

4:00 pm - Arrive at PT.

Today's Strength Workout:

5:45 pm - Arrive home. mrC is on dinner duty and has prepared one of my favorite meals: tacos!

7:00 pm - Blogging time.

8:00 pm - Watch a little NCIS with mrC and then put myself to bed.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Life: What I do Besides Run

Happy Hump Day! Making it to the middle of the week takes on a whole new meaning once school is back in session. Today I'm joining Angela and Jill for a "Day in the Life" link up and sharing a glimpse of what one of my days as a high school English teacher looks like.

I usually wake up around 5:30 and after brushing my teeth, feeding the dog, and pouring a cup of coffee, I start my day with 50 squats. This is a new routine for me. One that I adopted right after the PT told me I need to strengthen my glutes.

For breakfast my pre-wheat-free toast has become an apple cinnamon rice cake with PB & J and a side of yogurt.  At this time of the morning I still have the downstairs to myself, so I watch the news, read email, and check Facebook while eating. 

After breakfast I make a smoothie and pack my lunch. After getting dressed for work, if I'm lucky I get a brief chat with my husband and step-daughter before heading out the door for my 20 minute commute to work.

My days vary as a high school teacher because we are on a 90 minute block schedule: we have odd days when periods 1, 3, 5, 7 meet and even days for periods 2, 4, 6, 8. Here's a look at a typical even day. 

From 7:30 - 7:56 I get ready for my day - making copies, writing instructions on the white board, greeting students as they enter the classroom. 7:56 - 9:26 I teach Period 2 English 10 for 90 minutes. As the class starts, the morning announcements begin with the Pledge. During announcements students work on a quick write that leads to a discussion of the story the students read. Afterwards I give them a writing assignment to complete. The class ends with another reading selection. When the bell rings, I quickly change what I've written on the white board for my next class.

9:31 - 11:01 Period 4 is my planning time. Most of it is spent in the teacher's room which happens to be right across the hall from my classroom. I use this time to grade papers, make copies, and run errands. I might also have a snack during this time, like some dry rice chex cereal. Although I could stay in my room, another class is being taught in there during this time.

11:06 - 12:36 I'm back in the classroom for Period 6 English 10 Honors. This is my biggest class of the day and right before lunch. Today this class starts with a practice SAT question and discussion. Today they are practicing how to write correct works cited entries for various sources. They work quietly with a partner to complete a series of entries. I walk around helping and monitoring for most of the activity.

12:36 - 1:06 This is my lunch period and I'm back across the hall in the teacher's room for a little down time with my colleagues. Today I'm having some tuna, grapes, and cheese & crackers. 

1:11 - 2:41 Period 8 English 10 Honors is a repeat of the my before lunch class. The last five minutes of class we listen to announcements before the dismissal bell. I like to stand in the hall and say good-bye to students as they leave.

3:00 - 4:00 Today we have a faculty meeting in the Information Center (aka library). These are held every third Wednesday and are scheduled for one hour. I also attend a quick GEA meeting after the faculty meeting.

4:30 When I get home, I will complete the Lorna Jane daily challenge and my strength workouts. I told my PT about exercises I found from Christine and he LOVES them, so it is a priority to get them done more than twice a week.

Once everyone is home, it is time to prep dinner. Tonight we are having a favorite: chicken florentine with gluten free pasta. I used to use cream of chicken soup, but now I use plain yogurt, milk, parmesan cheese, and garlic.

Don't forget to see what everyone else is doing and eating today!