Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Day In The Life: Expat in China

Life in Shenzhen, China is a lot different than New Boston, NH so it seems fitting that I do a little Day in the Life post. I no longer have a job or a car...the two things that used to take up most of my time. Now I spend a lot more of my time on my feet or bike.

We live on the waterfront which is a great place for walking and running. This morning after some coffee and getting caught up on news from home, I went for a one mile run to continue my brand new #runstreak and then joined mrC for a little walk.

We both had a small breakfast: PB&J rice cake for me and bowl of cereal for him. We discussed some ideas for upcoming travel plans, spent some time on social media, and then biked the two mile round trip to the ferry terminal to get mrC's ticket to the airport for his two day trip.

We spent the afternoon watching it rain, catching up on some episodes of The Good Wife, and having lunch (turkey rollups and a salad). After lunch we walked to the ATM. I'm still loving my new Skechers. They're getting quite a few walking miles put on them.

I put mrC in a taxi, had a quick snack, and then tried to figure out what to wear to my first Zumba class. The free class was being held in a neighboring apartment complex gym. I settled on capris and a loose fitting tank. At the last minute I thought to throw on my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I could "dance" off.

After class I walked home, had a shower, and curled up with some popcorn and Amazon Prime TV.

Would you miss your car if you had to give it up?
Ever taken a Zumba class?

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