Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Accidental Run Streak

After substituting a run for my weekly hike up the mountain yesterday because of the rainy weather, I wasn't sure if I should do my normal Tuesday run or not. I was feeling good (which really means my knee) and I hate days without fitness unless I have a really, really good reason (sick or trip to some beautiful place with mrC - hint, hint).

Always up for a challenge, I went for it. Well, after waiting out some passing rain, again. Then I waited until I saw another runner out on the waterfront for a final boost of courage to actually get out the door. It was good. I paced better on this run, so the humidity did not get the better of me.

Still feeling good after my three day run streak, I took the time to go through all my post-run stretches. I think my muscles have been much happier since I truly started doing this and by default my knee has been happier.

Planking is still a challenge. I think my body is really missing my weekly SurfSet class. With a tile floor in our tiny apartment, I can't safely do HIIT workouts, so I'm on the lookout for something.

We took a trip out to a bigger international store and I found some new gluten free chips. I admit that I'm a salt freak and love something crunchy. I picked up one of each brand to try out.

Speaking of gluten free...just kidding. I did not buy any of these live crabs. It's just amazing to me to see them all lined up and spread over a table like this. Ok, and a little creepy.

My actual gluten free lunch: turkey and swiss rolls up and a salad with GF ranch dressing. The salad is one of the things that makes our trip today worth it.

Have you ever done a running streak?

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