Sunday, October 11, 2015

Where I Run: Mermaid Peninsula Loop

No matter where I have lived, I have always had one route that served as my no-planning-just-lace-up-my-shoes-and-go route.

After just 4 months of living in China, I have already found my go-to route. I call it the Mermaid-Peninsula Loop.

My go-to route starts outside the entrance of our apartment complex: Rose Garden.

I follow the sidewalk to the west toward the area of town called Sea World.

Run along the length of the waterfront.

After the quick out and back on the waterfront, I head back toward the street via the garden view.

I pass by the mermaid statue of Goddess Nuwa and run some steps.

I follow the sidewalk again all the way past the starting point.

At the area of town called Peninsula, I head toward the lighthouse.

I loop around Peninsula and follow the sidewalk back to Rose Garden to hop on the waterfront there.

What I like about this route:

1. It's a double out and back so if I need to stop or use my bathroom, it's an easy pitstop.
2. It has loops on each end that can be modified in ways to make the run a little longer or shorter.
3. It's mainly flat, easy running.
4. There are water views from three different locations.

I ran this route this morning. The weather has finally turned (I hope) from tropical to fall, perfect weather for running. I felt good and was happy to see negative splits in my results.

Do you have a go-to route?

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