Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's Call it, 10K Tuesday!

Tuesday is a regular run day for me. Instead of heading out while mrC was still sleeping, I waited until he woke up and invited him on a little 10K adventure to mark day 10 of my run streak.

First we rode our bikes to Shenzhen Bay Park. My bike has one gear and that one gear is tight and squeaky. Normally I enjoy my bike rides, but today I couldn't wait to get off and run.

After locking my bike and putting my gear in mrC's basket, I set out in my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s and he set out on his bike. He rode next to me for a little while.

And he played paparazzi leap frog, getting in front and behind me.

He kept me company all the way to the end of my 5K run.

After some stretching and water, we rode home to finish our 5K round trip bike ride.

I'm pretty lucky to have a guy like mrC. He indulges my need to run and get outside and then lets me play on the computer while he makes me breakfast. He's the best photographer too!

Do you like non-running company while you run?

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