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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Streaking Continues & A Boot Camp Run

Well. We made it back to China after an amazing two weeks in the US. 16 hours in an airplane and a ton of time zones later = a whole lot of jet lag for me. My body clock has been upside down. That hasn't stopped me from running though.

In fact, my #runstreak is alive and well! For 34 days now, I have been running at least one mile a day, and I'm still feeling good. Three days a week I run longer. Typically Tuesday and Thursday are 5Ks and on the weekend I try to run a little more. While in the US, I did a couple of weekend long runs. I ran 5.5 with my MRTT group in Manchester and then 6.5 with the MRTT in NJ. These were my longest non-treadmill runs since March!

Fast forward to today. mrC joined me for my #runstreak morning mile.

Instead of just running my #runstreak mile and calling it a day, I decided to add some boot camp exercises at the end. I've been missing my #SurfnTurf classes at TI Fitness, especially after my visit while in NH, so I've been trying to do my own strength training. The other day I ran to the fitness center, did some strength exercises, then ran home. I was sore. I loved it.

Here's what it looked like today:

triceps dips

step ups

push ups

split squats

squats with side crunch

On a side note, you can probably tell from the pictures that I'm back to warm weather running. Although I am missing the cold weather I enjoyed while in New England, I do like that I can still wear my favorite shorts. The Oiselle distance shorts became my go-to when I was looking for shorts with less bulk, but good coverage. The bonus on these is the three separate pockets, including two with zippers. I never have to worry about my keys!

What body weight exercises do you do on your own?
Do you have a favorite pair of running shorts?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How to Practice Better Running Breathing

I'm pretty sure that running and biking a 10K on Tuesday inspired mrC.

Yesterday, he put on his running shoes and joined me for my #runstreak one miler. 

Before our run, I came across an online article about proper running breathing (here) and it got me thinking. There are times when I run that it feels effortless and other times when I can't seem to do anything except gasp for air. 

Here's the article in a nutshell:

1. Runs are made better when using breathing patterns and patterns can help prevent injury
2. Deep breathing is a powerful tool that delivers much needed oxygen to muscles during a run
3. Breathing is made better through nose and mouth simultaneously
4. Core strength impacts breathing

On my last two runs, I tried it and it's not as easy as it sounds. 

Run #1:
It was a short run and I ran with mrC, so it was hard to maintain a rhythmic pattern. I tried to follow the 2:2 inhale/exhale ratio, but that must work for faster runners. I modified to 4:4 and started to get the hang of it near the end of our mile. I also tried to keep my exhale on my left foot (my weaker leg), but learned my right foot has control issues.

Run #2:
This run was solo and my breathing practice went much better. I still found myself breaking the pattern anytime my mind wandered, but it was easier. The longer run gave me a lot more time to focus on exhaling on my left too. Overall, the 3.5 miles felt easier than my 5K on Tuesday.

I'm optimistic that with more practice it will get easier and my runs will get better.

In other fun news, after wanting to throw-down my bike and stomp it like a pro-wrestler after Tuesday's combined run/bike 10K, mrC offered to take it for a little tune up. Instead he came back with a new bike! Today I took my new luxury bike on a ride around town.

Last night we went to see Chris Botti perform at the the Shenzhen Concert Hall. It was a wonderful show. Not only was the music great, but we were impressed with Chris Botti's interaction with the audience. 

Do you practice rhythmic breathing when you run?
What was the last concert you went to?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's Call it, 10K Tuesday!

Tuesday is a regular run day for me. Instead of heading out while mrC was still sleeping, I waited until he woke up and invited him on a little 10K adventure to mark day 10 of my run streak.

First we rode our bikes to Shenzhen Bay Park. My bike has one gear and that one gear is tight and squeaky. Normally I enjoy my bike rides, but today I couldn't wait to get off and run.

After locking my bike and putting my gear in mrC's basket, I set out in my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s and he set out on his bike. He rode next to me for a little while.

And he played paparazzi leap frog, getting in front and behind me.

He kept me company all the way to the end of my 5K run.

After some stretching and water, we rode home to finish our 5K round trip bike ride.

I'm pretty lucky to have a guy like mrC. He indulges my need to run and get outside and then lets me play on the computer while he makes me breakfast. He's the best photographer too!

Do you like non-running company while you run?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Run Streak Update and PF is not my BF

Yesterday I ran a 5K with the SWIC running group. I've heard that it takes a while for new running groups to hit momentum. Thursday there were only two of us and I don't know why.  I'm trying to stay optimistic and hope that it's been the hot, humid weather or the National holiday week of travel in China, but maybe those of you reading this could send a little virtual "good luck" thought my way. Thanks!

Today I ran a mile to put my #runstreak at day 6. I'm feeling good and trying to make good decisions for my knee health so I can keep going as long as possible. For example, this morning the weather was AMAZING and it was so tempting to run longer, but I kept it to one lap around the waterfront.

My Mizuno Wave Rider 18s are creeping up on 300 miles although to me they look brand new. I might be picking up a new pair soon. About two weeks ago I started noticing a pain on the inside of my heel/ankle when I got out of bed in the morning. My chiropractor thinks it might be plantar fasciitis. He recommended more calf stretching and foam rolling. 

Speaking of foam rolling, I try to always start my day with a total body rollout. Now that I am on a #runstreak, it feels even more important that I do it before I run. Rolling my hamstrings is my most challenging. I don't really feel anything and it's such an awkward movement. 

Today I went to Pilates class for the first time in nearly two weeks. I purchased a Yogalife membership at the beginning of September with the goal to attend a class at least once a week. I made it three weeks in a row and was feeling a difference especially with my knee. Then I got sick followed by the yoga center closing for China's National holiday. Today was tough, but good. I'm hoping the yoga will help me stretch my leg muscles and I'll rid myself of any signs of PF. 

I found this great video on the Runner's World website that explains PF and offers tips for treatment.

Happy fitness Friday everyone!!

Ever suffer from plantar fasciitis?
What muscle is your most challenging to foam roll?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Accidental Run Streak

After substituting a run for my weekly hike up the mountain yesterday because of the rainy weather, I wasn't sure if I should do my normal Tuesday run or not. I was feeling good (which really means my knee) and I hate days without fitness unless I have a really, really good reason (sick or trip to some beautiful place with mrC - hint, hint).

Always up for a challenge, I went for it. Well, after waiting out some passing rain, again. Then I waited until I saw another runner out on the waterfront for a final boost of courage to actually get out the door. It was good. I paced better on this run, so the humidity did not get the better of me.

Still feeling good after my three day run streak, I took the time to go through all my post-run stretches. I think my muscles have been much happier since I truly started doing this and by default my knee has been happier.

Planking is still a challenge. I think my body is really missing my weekly SurfSet class. With a tile floor in our tiny apartment, I can't safely do HIIT workouts, so I'm on the lookout for something.

We took a trip out to a bigger international store and I found some new gluten free chips. I admit that I'm a salt freak and love something crunchy. I picked up one of each brand to try out.

Speaking of gluten free...just kidding. I did not buy any of these live crabs. It's just amazing to me to see them all lined up and spread over a table like this. Ok, and a little creepy.

My actual gluten free lunch: turkey and swiss rolls up and a salad with GF ranch dressing. The salad is one of the things that makes our trip today worth it.

Have you ever done a running streak?