Monday, October 12, 2015

Motivation Monday: Seize the Day

I learned today that walking around our tile apartment barefoot might be causing some of my heel pain. I'll just have to spend more time in my Oofos!

That little twinge of heel pain reminded me that injuries are sometimes right around the corner threatening to mess up my fitness plans. As I slipped on my running shoes, I vowed to myself to embrace each moment of my #runstreak. I'm following my doctor's recommendations. I'm running smart. I need to stop worrying.

After my one mile run, I met up with the SWIC hiking group. Today was a great day for climbing the mountain.

Normally after we get to the top and take a group photo we head down to complete the short loop. Today a small group wanted to keep going and do the long loop. I've only done the longer loop once back in May. I didn't have any reason not to join them, so I figured CARPE DIEM!

It was hard. We had already climbed 850 steps and then we kept climbing across the top of the mountain before coming down further away from where we started.

In the end, of course, I had no regrets. Great exercise and great company!

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