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Friday, September 29, 2017

Great Places to Run for Visitors in Budapest

Can I just tell you that runners in Budapest have some amazing choices for where to run?

Budapest actually used to be two cities (Buda and Pest) separated by the Danube. While visiting our Corvinus scholar, we stayed at the Marriott in the heart of the city on the Pest Side. The Buda Side was just a walk across a bridge away. Right outside our door we had access to some great places to run in Budapest.

The Danube and Bridges - on the very first day I knew I wanted to run along the Danube, so that's what we did. On our third day, after getting a lay of the land sightseeing and with our very own University local (youngestC), we laced up for an easy loop using the bridges. (Runfession: I love putting international miles on my Mizunos)

On the Pest Side of the Danube, the walkways are wide enough for runners and walkers to coexist. And there's plenty of room for all getting across both the Chain Bridge and the Elizabeth Bridge. The Buda side offered designated lanes for running/walking and biking. It was easy to see why that section was a favorite among runners.

Margaret Island - we took the Hop-On Hop-Off boat to explore the island and upon seeing the spongy running track, I declared that I would be back to run. The rainy weather during the week of our visit made it challenging, but we finally squeezed in a run on the morning of our departure. (Runfession: I'm glad I held firm in wearing shorts and a long sleeve (short sleeve here) because the sun popped out and it was a little toasty)

Because the island is about a mile plus from our hotel, we took the convenient yellow trolley to our starting point at Margaret Bridge. That way we could do our miles on the island and enjoy using the soft running path ---> which we learned is a 5K loop around the island. With its path and the views, the island is a perfect place for running.

Gellert Hill - if you wanted to do some hill running, this would be a great place on the Buda Side. We did not run, but we hiked it so I can show you why it would be a great place to run.

There is the option to run the steps or follow the smooth pathway (which I think will get you most of the way to the top). At the top you can take in the amazing views while running around the Citadella with the Liberty Lady statue standing tall above you. Overall the elevation gain is around 350 feet and estimated mileage starting from the entrance would probably be about 2 miles. Perfect for a hill workout. (Runfession: I prefer to hike hills than run them)

Fitness and Health Club by Marriott - when all else fails, go to the fitness center. Guests of the hotel can use the facility with amazing views of the Danube and Buda Castle, but so can locals.

When rainy weather drove our workout indoors, we were not disappointed. We used the state of the art treadmills (the kind with virtual courses) and weight training equipment, but the club also offers classes. The treadmills were so nice, I was inspired to run a full 5k through the valleys of...somewhere! (Runfession: I was kind of in a bad mood because of the rain, but this run definitely lifted my spirits!)

Running in Budapest, especially with youngestC, was amazing.

If I lived in Budapest, I would be one happy runner!

What city have you visited that is a runner's dream?
What are you runfessing this month?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Running in Boulder

With 300 days of sunshine, Boulder is a delicious place to run!  I was lucky enough to have time for two runs while we were there visiting the college boy.

On Friday I used MapMyRun and found a running route at a local park not far from our hotel. I love how easy it is to look up nearby routes logged by other runners. It's so helpful when we are in a new area ---> which we are often thanks to mrC! East Boulder Community Park was a great place for my interval run.

There was a path that looped around the entire complex. It circled the ball fields, the sand volleyball courts, the playground, dog area, the recreation center and a small pond. In some parts, the path was crushed gravel (my favorite) and other parts it was paved sidewalk. The view of the Flatirons was stunning from everywhere.

The temperature was perfect for this long sleeve and these capris.
After doing two loops around the complex, I veered off to the bike route just to see where it went. The Boulder Bikeways cover more than 300 miles in this bike friendly community. I ran down the sidewalk and through part of a neighborhood. When it looked like the bike route was going to become a paved shoulder, I turned around.

Even though my sea-level body could feel the Colorado elevation, this was by far my best interval run. Even after my 15 intervals ended, I continued running until I reached the car.

While I was running, mrC took pictures (he's the best blog helper) and made nice with the locals.

Interval run - 1 minute run:walk 1:1 x 15 plus about .75 mile finish. Longest run this year!

A couple of days later, on our last day in Boulder, I went to Coot Lake on the recommendation of my friend Jill who lived here for a couple of years. The Coot Lake Loop was even better than the park.

One loop around the lake was about 1.2 miles on a crushed gravel path surrounded by prairie and wetland. In the distance the Flatirons make a stunning backdrop.

The Coot Lake Loop is part of a group of trails at the Boulder Reservoir that overlap and connect extending route options. In the mood for a short run or a long run? It can be done on these trails.

The weather was perfect for an interval run, but I had picked up a head cold since arriving in Boulder and in all honesty probably shouldn't have been running. Like most avid runners, I just couldn't resist getting in a second run. I told mrC I would do one lap and see how I felt. I ended up doing two.

While I was running, mrC walked, took awesome photos (as usual) and chatted with the friendly locals. He said this pup had that happy pep in his step that reminded him of Booney.

Interval run - 1 minute run:walk 1:1 x 14 plus about 2 minutes straight finish. 2.44 miles. Better than I expected.

Boulder is definitely an active lifestyle city and I'm looking forward to exploring more when we visit the college boy again.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Where I Run: Mermaid Peninsula Loop

No matter where I have lived, I have always had one route that served as my no-planning-just-lace-up-my-shoes-and-go route.

After just 4 months of living in China, I have already found my go-to route. I call it the Mermaid-Peninsula Loop.

My go-to route starts outside the entrance of our apartment complex: Rose Garden.

I follow the sidewalk to the west toward the area of town called Sea World.

Run along the length of the waterfront.

After the quick out and back on the waterfront, I head back toward the street via the garden view.

I pass by the mermaid statue of Goddess Nuwa and run some steps.

I follow the sidewalk again all the way past the starting point.

At the area of town called Peninsula, I head toward the lighthouse.

I loop around Peninsula and follow the sidewalk back to Rose Garden to hop on the waterfront there.

What I like about this route:

1. It's a double out and back so if I need to stop or use my bathroom, it's an easy pitstop.
2. It has loops on each end that can be modified in ways to make the run a little longer or shorter.
3. It's mainly flat, easy running.
4. There are water views from three different locations.

I ran this route this morning. The weather has finally turned (I hope) from tropical to fall, perfect weather for running. I felt good and was happy to see negative splits in my results.

Do you have a go-to route?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunrise Run with Surprising Weather

For the past month I have been dealing with temperatures in the FEELS LIKE 100++++. I was just starting to embrace it, especially after reading this article about the benefits of running in the heat, when today happened.

With mrC on a trip, I was out the door early to beat the sun (and the heat), but then it was so COOL! Surprise!!

I pretty much enjoyed every step of my nearly 3.5 mile run. The low temperature, steady breeze, and lack of sun kept me comfortable and watching the sun ascend over the city almost made me want to pinch I really running in China?

I'm still feeling twinges in my knee. Twinges that I'm guessing I will deal with indefinitely since my knee has been through three surgeries. But I'm learning to listen to my body. Learning to take it easy. Learning to enjoy the miles that I can get.

After a quick shower, bite to eat (PB&J rice cakes), and cool down, I hurried back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather with a bike ride. Not so fast. mrC took my apartment keys by mistake...along with my bike lock key. 

Instead I strolled along the waterfront savoring every minute of the extra-pleasant Shenzhen weather. It's funny to be out on such a beautiful day, but the waterfront is nearly empty. The Chinese avoid the sun, unlike Americans who chase it.

I'm still loving my Oofos recovery flip flops. My feet stay cool and comfortable, but supported. I'm actually planning to get this pair when we are home for vacation next month.

Back home I noticed some tightness in my calves, so I struggled into my Pro Compression calf sleeves and foam rolled.

To wrap up my fitness morning, I put together a frozen blueberry, raspberry, pineapple protein smoothie with a turkey roll-up for lunch.

What's the temperature where you are?
Do you find it hard to put on compression sleeves/socks like I do?