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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunrise Run with Surprising Weather

For the past month I have been dealing with temperatures in the FEELS LIKE 100++++. I was just starting to embrace it, especially after reading this article about the benefits of running in the heat, when today happened.

With mrC on a trip, I was out the door early to beat the sun (and the heat), but then it was so COOL! Surprise!!

I pretty much enjoyed every step of my nearly 3.5 mile run. The low temperature, steady breeze, and lack of sun kept me comfortable and watching the sun ascend over the city almost made me want to pinch I really running in China?

I'm still feeling twinges in my knee. Twinges that I'm guessing I will deal with indefinitely since my knee has been through three surgeries. But I'm learning to listen to my body. Learning to take it easy. Learning to enjoy the miles that I can get.

After a quick shower, bite to eat (PB&J rice cakes), and cool down, I hurried back outside to enjoy the beautiful weather with a bike ride. Not so fast. mrC took my apartment keys by mistake...along with my bike lock key. 

Instead I strolled along the waterfront savoring every minute of the extra-pleasant Shenzhen weather. It's funny to be out on such a beautiful day, but the waterfront is nearly empty. The Chinese avoid the sun, unlike Americans who chase it.

I'm still loving my Oofos recovery flip flops. My feet stay cool and comfortable, but supported. I'm actually planning to get this pair when we are home for vacation next month.

Back home I noticed some tightness in my calves, so I struggled into my Pro Compression calf sleeves and foam rolled.

To wrap up my fitness morning, I put together a frozen blueberry, raspberry, pineapple protein smoothie with a turkey roll-up for lunch.

What's the temperature where you are?
Do you find it hard to put on compression sleeves/socks like I do?

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Pool Workout, Flip Flops and Rice Cakes

Morning workouts are my favorite thing.

Since yesterday was a non-running day, I decided to do some planking by the pool. Off the top of my head I did as many variations as I could: basic, side, spiderman, with leg raise, side with hip dip, knee taps (cha chas). Most of them are included here.

Now, I've read about people using pool running as a way to maintain fitness through an injury, but I've never actually tried it myself. The closest thing to it that I've done is try out the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

There are two types of water running: shallow water (low impact) running where your feet touch the ground and deep water (no impact) running where your feet do not touch the ground. Since the hotel pool is 1.5 meters (almost 5'), my feet touch the ground, although most of my body is submerged.

After warming up with the plank work, I climbed into the pool for some running. Pool running is not as easy as it sounds and in fact, you don't actually move around all that much. The main idea is to keep your body vertical and pump your legs by driving your knees up as fast as you can while swinging your arms just as you would while running.

After 30 minutes of what I would generously call "interval" pool running, my legs felt like jello. Good thing I packed my favorite bouncy Oofos recovery flip flops to take with me to China. These things make walking with sore or tired legs feel so much easier.

It was peanut butter and jelly rice cakes for my post-workout snack win. We found these and the Smuckers Goober strawberry jar of pb&j stripes at ZOOM, a local market down the block from our hotel.

Have you tried pool running? 

What is your favorite rice cake?
I love apple cinnamon.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites & {a GIVEAWAY}

Happy Friday running friends!

It's time to share another round of Friday Favorites.

I've had my Nike GPS Sportwatch for about 5 years now, but just recently purchased the Polar Wearlink Heart Rate Monitor to link with it. The data nerd in me loves seeing how much effort I'm putting into my running.

Sometimes it is just REALLY cold. I hate wearing toboggans because I have thick hair and my ponytail is too short to hang out on my neck. I found Athleta's Polartec Beanie Visor that has a hole in the back for ponytails. I know there are toboggans that have ponytail holes too, but I liked the added visor on this one.

I recently tried some audio Treadmill Express workouts from Motion Traxx through an offer for FitFluential Ambassadors. For someone like me who doesn't like to run on the treadmill, these workouts make all the difference. I like knowing that I'm getting a good workout instead of just aimlessly running.

Speaking of FitFluential, have you joined yet? I joined in 2011 (before applying to become an ambassador) because they offered a network of fitness enthusiasts who were dedicated to motivating and inspiring others. Pretty soon, I was also enjoying perks like discounts on fitness gear, invites to Twitter chats, and opportunities to win free stuff in giveaways.

This year, FitFluential wants to hit the road and bring the events to US! The more people you get to sign up from your area, the more likely you are to be visited by FitFluential. Spread the word!

One of my all time favorite races is the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon. The ladies behind ZOOMA really know how to put on a great event in a fantastic locations. Runner's World Magazine has called it one of the best half marathon's in the US and recently Competitor Magazine ranked the Texas Half Marathon as "Best Women's Half" in the South.

Right now ZOOMA is looking to send a blogger and one lucky reader to run the ZOOMA Napa Half Marathon in June. I would love to add California to my list of places I have run a race, wouldn't you? All you need to do is VOTE! Everyday!

As usual I'm spending most of my non-running hours wearing these awesome recovery shoes around the house. I'm bringing them back today because Oofos wants YOU to have a pair to enjoy and has asked me to do another giveaway! Enter using the rafflecopter below.

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